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    These 7 Androgynous Models Are So Freaking Beautiful

    "Androgyny is definitely spicing things up."

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    Modeling and the fashion industry can hold to some pretty severe and strict beauty standards. Here are seven androgynous models who are completely changing the game.

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    Oh yeah, and they're FREAKING HOT. Photography by Christophe McWhorter.

    1. Courtney McCullough, slaying the game. THAT STARE.

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    "I identify as a woman, but I also totally accept and love my masculine traits as much as I love my feminine traits."

    And she takes dope vacations, too? OK.

    2. Grey Cotton with that smizing and those #neckgoals.

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    When you know you look good, you take multiple leather jacket and choker selfies.

    3. Jason Diaz is giving me serious hair envy.

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    "As long as my hair is down and I’m dressed with clothing I like, I just feel good."

    4. Unique Jenkins makes looking cool seem easy.

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    "Androgyny is definitely spicing things up."


    5. Tye Olson looking up like that is all I want in my life forever.

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    OK, like I've woken up with smeared makeup but never with this much ability to WERQ immediately.

    6. Tyler Aubrey looks like she might kill me but I also might like it.

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    "It’s kind of beautiful that we can all just be ourselves now, and we can have jobs where we don’t look like everyone else."

    Those Audrey Hepburn vibes, tho.

    7. I don't have anything to say about Christina Kartchner except that IT'S JUST NOT FAIR.

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    And her sister is just as gorge as she is. GOOD GENES, I GUESS.

    Thank you, androgynous models, for being so smart and so cool and so perfect. Can I be you and also date you?

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