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Do You Think Comedy Can Go Too Far? • Is This Okay?

"They write jokes to get people to react."

Hey, hey, hey, we’re back with another episode of Is This Okay? On this episode, we talked about when comedy becomes offensive AF and if that's even a thing.

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There's no doubt that a large part of comedy is trying to get a reaction from its audience.

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For example, in Amy Poehler’s Difficult People, the main character makes a joke about looking forward to R. Kelly peeing on Blue Ivy when she's older.

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Some thought that if a joke crosses a line, it can be redeemed if the comedian acknowledges that the joke has become too offensive.

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While others found it offensive to exploit a child.

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Others understood that comedy most likely would offend some people, but were aware that it started conversations about things happening in society.

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And as long as the comedian doesn't actually believe the problematic statements they make...

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...comedy keeps conversation going.

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  1. Do you think comedy should be allowed to be offensive?

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Do you think comedy should be allowed to be offensive?
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