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You Are Positively, Definitely, 100% Acrophobic

You just never called it that before.

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7. Are you imagining the precise, desperate feeling of hanging there by your weak little finger tips, which are losing strength with every passing moment?


10. Would you stand that close to the edge?

Instagram: @daniel_ernst

11. Is this just about the worst thing you've ever seen in your life?

Instagram: @1minute_diy

12. If these images make your stomach turn, you've got acrophobia – otherwise known as a fear of heights.

Instagram: @ironsightfocus

13. And honestly, it's fair enough. Heights are terrible things – look at this one.

Instagram: @jess

Beautiful, but terrible.

14. They have a power to them – like they could suck you over the edge.

Instagram: @juanpablo

That's probably the gravity talking.