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    Updated on Aug 31, 2019. Posted on Sep 16, 2016

    18 Photoshoppers Who Failed Female Anatomy 101

    Some have a claw, some have a giraffe neck.

    1. "Women have claws, right?"

    2. "Hmm. You can't see her vagina in this pic. Gonna have to get rid of the left arm, then clone stamp in a denim thigh. Yeah, that's nice."

    Glamour / Matthias Vriens-McGrath /

    3. "I can't figure out if this is right." "Yeah, she looks hot." "OK, cool."

    4. "Women's legs are smaller than that. You need to shrink that one down. Then move it across. More, so it's right next to the other one. Yeah, that's perfect."

    Gary Sanchez Productions

    5. "The neck should be longer. Stretch it out a bit. Longer still. Yep, that's realistic."


    6. "And remember ladies' necks are super-flexible and bendy too."


    7. "Just use the clone stamp to erase the nipples. So it looks like they're hidden under her arms. Yup, that looks great."

    8. "Smooth her face out a bit more. A bit more. A bit more. A bit more. More. More. A bit more. More. A bit more. A little bit more. More. More. OK, stop."

    9. "It is right. That is what women look like."

    10. "Just bring her stomach in a touch. No, keep her hips big so they still look vaguely child-bearing. Yup, that's great."

    11. "Do you think her torso and arm look OK? I can't tell if I've got the perspective right." "Looks great." "Cool."

    12. "Women's vaginas are flat, right? And their upper thighs are, like, concave, right? I'm going in with the eraser tool."

    Harper's Bazaar

    13. "Smooth her out a bit more. More. Keep going." [Time passes] "Cool, that looks natural now."


    14. "This is great photoshop work, Paul. Love her extra-long finger. Really emphasises the fact that she's pointing."

    15. "Make that bit bigger, and that bit smaller. Drag that bit across. Erase that bit." *Squints at screen* "Yeah, that's good now."

    16. "I think you can go longer on the belly with that one. And just, like, shade in a bit more around her tits."

    17. "Yeah, no. It's not right. Pull her right in. Really pull her in. And then pull her up. Up more. Yeah, that's good."

    Ralph Lauren

    18. "No, no, no, no, no, non, non, non, nein. Literally bring everything in, every single bit. Don't hold back. OK, now she looks right."

    GQ / Alasdair McLellan /

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