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14 Words That Meant Something Completely Different In The '00s

It was a very different time.

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3. "Tan"

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What it means now: A slight darkening of the skin achieved from sitting in the sun wearing adequate sun protection.

What it meant in the '00s: White people applying so much Johnson's Holiday Skin they went completely orange.


5. "Top"


What it means now: Item of clothing worn on the upper half of the body which probably covers most of your torso and some of your arms.

What it meant in the '00s: If it covered your nipples, it was good to go.


8. "Cardigan"


What it means now: Cosy, enveloping woolen garment useful for keeping you warm on cold days.

What it meant in the '00s: Incey wincey pincey shred of fabric worn around the shoulders, fastened with no more than three buttons, leaving the wearer highly vulnerable to cold draughts.

9. "Highlights"

Twitter: @KarmaErwinGomez / Getty

What it means now: Subtle use of bleach to achieve effect of naturally sun-kissed hair.

What it meant in the '00s: What would happen if a wizard put a spell on a zebra and turned it into a human.

11. "Jacket"


What it means now: Practical overgarment worn for warmth in the spring and summer months.

What it meant in the '00s: Utterly pointless piece of material that kept a cool breeze off your upper back and sideboob, but left literally everywhere else on your body exposed.