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24 Women Who Won't Give Up That Fucking Easily

We're just getting started.

1. This fact.

2. This video, which will make you cry.

This little girl has more knowledge and compassion that half of this country. #TrumpProtest #ATXprotest

3. This classroom reminder.

4. This reality check.

5. This warning.

6. This protest.

7. This overlooked fact.

8. This call for solidarity.

9. This rhetorical question.

10. This proud stand.

11. This inspiration.

12. This declaration.

13. This middle finger to white supremacy and homophobia.

14. This show of solidarity.

15. This roar.

16. This reminder to all girls.

17. This familiar story.

18. This call to arms.

19. This defiance.

20. This request.

21. This refusal.

22. This gratitude.

23. This plan.

24. And this message for our times.