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    28 Reasons Women Shouldn't Dye Their Hair

    Just don't bother.

    1. Do not dye your hair, for it will never look amazing.

    2. I really wouldn't bother.

    3. Seriously, just don't.

    4. It's not worth it!!

    5. In no way do I look at this and think, "Your hair is ridiculously beautiful."

    6. OK, but haven't you ever thought: "Rainbows are boring"?

    7. Yawn.

    8. Hmmm...not impressed.

    9. Ladies, will you chill already!

    10. Let's keep things dull, people!!

    11. "Wow" is not a good reaction when people see your hair.

    12. What a terrible shame, your hair is so colourful now.

    13. Dyed hair is garish and tacky.

    14. My eyes!!

    15. It's a no from me.

    16. Grey hair is for grans.

    17. Looks dreadful.

    18. This proves it definitively: Hair colour is a TERRIBLE idea.

    19. No one wants to match the furniture.

    20. And who wants to stand out like this?

    21. This, on the other hand, is completely dull.

    22. No, no, and no again.

    23. NO!!

    24. This is not stunning in any way.

    25. Why would you want to make the world a more interesting place? Why??

    26. Stop it!

    27. Any woman with hair like this must be totally unimaginative.

    28. OK, once and for all: Women, just please don't ever dye your hair.