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    28 Reasons Women Shouldn't Dye Their Hair

    Just don't bother.

    1. Do not dye your hair, for it will never look amazing.

    Hairstylist: Kristin Ess /


    2. I really wouldn't bother.

    3. Seriously, just don't.

    Really doesn't look good.

    4. It's not worth it!!

    Hairstylist: Bethany Sullivan at Bleach London /

    Average braid, tbh.

    5. In no way do I look at this and think, "Your hair is ridiculously beautiful."

    It doesn't look gorgeous. It really doesn't. Honestly.

    6. OK, but haven't you ever thought: "Rainbows are boring"?

    Hairstylist: Naoya Ishibashi at Bleach London /

    Seriously, guys, the last thing we need is more colour spicing up our lives.

    7. Yawn.

    Hair stylist: Sharmaine Cox at Bleach London /

    8. Hmmm...not impressed.

    Hair stylist: Jen Atkin /

    Unimpressive hair.

    9. Ladies, will you chill already!

    Hair stylist: Mane Addicts /

    We just want to stick to a spectrum of mousey brown to black here. Turquoise is, if anything, too wow.

    10. Let's keep things dull, people!!

    Hair stylist: Marie Capucine for Bleach London /

    11. "Wow" is not a good reaction when people see your hair.

    Hairstylist: Loren Miles at Bleach London /

    12. What a terrible shame, your hair is so colourful now.

    13. Dyed hair is garish and tacky.

    Hair stylist: Tasha Spencer at Bleach London /

    This is burning my retinas.

    14. My eyes!!

    15. It's a no from me.

    Hairstylist: Loren Miles at Bleach London /

    Not bowled over at all.

    16. Grey hair is for grans.

    17. Looks dreadful.

    18. This proves it definitively: Hair colour is a TERRIBLE idea.

    Really not cool!

    19. No one wants to match the furniture.

    Come on. What's wrong with nice plain hair?

    20. And who wants to stand out like this?

    No one, that's who.

    21. This, on the other hand, is completely dull.

    Leaves us cold.

    22. No, no, and no again.

    Hair stylist: Loren Miles for Bleach London /

    No x 16.

    23. NO!!

    Hairstylist: Naoya Ishibashi at Bleach London /

    This doesn't look awesome at all.

    24. This is not stunning in any way.

    Completely average.

    25. Why would you want to make the world a more interesting place? Why??

    26. Stop it!

    We want to live in a boring world, plz.

    27. Any woman with hair like this must be totally unimaginative.

    Sie Salon /

    28. OK, once and for all: Women, just please don't ever dye your hair.

    Sie Salon /

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