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What People Expect Women To Be Like Vs What They're Actually Like

We don't give blow jobs to Magnums.

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1. Expectation: Women eat ice creams like they're giving a sexy blow job.

Unilever / Magnum

They find Magnum ice creams particularly erotic. Every woman eats a Magnum like a dick.

2. Expectation: Women are naturally completely smooth and hairless.


They don't need to shave, because they have no hair. They buy razors purely to reassure people that even if there was some hair, it would be removed.

3. Expectation: Women can't understand technology.


It's just so CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!! All the metal and plastic and whirry bits. Poor women, the 21st century is almost impossible for them.

4. Expectation: Women need special pens.


Women need a comfortable grip adapted to woman hands for comfort, plus *****FASHION COLOURS*****. Don't forget the fashion colours.

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