Which ’00s Trend Must Go?

Would you bin frosted eyeshadow or lip gloss?

So many great trends were spawned in the ’00s…

Mark Mainz / Getty Images, Robert Mora / Getty Images

But which ones were less good than the others? Over to you…

  1. 1. Which must go – fake tan or foundation lips?
    1. Via Jon Kopaloff / Getty
      Fake tan
    2. Foundation lips
  1. 2. Which must go – baggy suede tassel boots or Uggs?
    1. Via ebay.com
      Baggy suede tassel boots
    2. Uggs
  1. 3. Which must go – chunky highlights or butterfly clips?
    1. Via Getty
      Chunky highlights
    2. Butterfly clips
  1. 4. Which must go – footless tights or those woolen sleeve things we used to wear for some reason?
    1. Footless tights
    2. Via Getty
      Those woolen sleeve things we used to wear for some reason
  1. 5. Which must go – ballet pumps or cloven hoof trainers?
    1. Ballet pumps
    2. Cloven hoof trainers
  1. 6. Which must go – frosted blue eyeshadow or lashings of lip gloss?
    1. Via Getty
      Frosted blue eyeshadow
    2. Lashings of lip gloss
  1. 7. Which must go – sperm-brows or Tippex manicure?
    1. Via MJ Kim / Getty
    2. Tippex manicure
  1. 8. Which must go – the boho look or the sexy schoolgirl look?
    1. Via MJ Kim / Getty
      The boho look
    2. Via Frank Micelotta / Getty
      The sexy schoolgirl look
  1. 9. Which must go – massive belts or skirts over trousers?
    1. Via Katy Winn / Getty
      Massive belts
    2. Via Evan Agostini / Getty
      Skirts over trousers
  1. 10. Which must go – low-waisted trousers or one-shoulder tops?
    1. Via Getty
      Low-waisted trousers
    2. One-shoulder tops
  1. 11. Which must go – studded belts or skater trainers?
    1. Studded belts
    2. Skater trainers
  1. 12. Which must go – shrugs or corset tops?
    1. Via Getty
    2. Via Getty
      Corset tops
  1. 13. Which must go – zigzag hairbands or clip-on fake ponytail?
    1. Zigzag hairbands
    2. Clip-on fake ponytail
  1. 14. Which must go – a tie over a T-shirt or fingerless gloves on a night out?
    1. Via Getty
      Tie over T-shirt
    2. Via Getty
      Fingerless gloves on a night out

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Becky Barnicoat is writer and illustrator for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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