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    19 Urgent Questions The World Has About British Food

    How are we not in a permanent carb coma?

    1. If this sweet apple crumble slathered in custard served after a meal is a pudding...

    2. Then what the hell is this thing known also as a pudding but eaten with a Sunday roast?

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    Look how distressed he is, he's having an identity crisis.

    3. And what the hell is this "pudding" that's got meat pouring out of it?

    Twitter: @crismaspud

    How many bloody puddings do British people need?

    4. Oh shit, and let's not even start on this thing which for some reason is called black pudding.

    5. And while we're on the subject of "puddings", why do some of them behave like plates?

    6. Does the nation have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to putting things inside a Yorkshire pudding?

    7. And who's idea was it to hide an egg inside a breadcrumbed sausage?

    Twitter: @DorkingPie

    I mean it's kind of tasty, but why?

    8. There is a drink pronounced "Iron Brew", but does it have anything to do with iron? Like does it enrich your blood or make you stronger?

    Twitter: @guisebule

    It even has a picture of a weightlifter on it. Please someone clear this up.

    9. Why can't the British people make up their minds whether these things are biscuits or cakes?

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    They've been legally declared cakes, and they're called cakes, but there's definitely something biscuity about them.

    10. Why do British people eat their peas fluorescent green and mushy?

    11. How come this meal is socially acceptable for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner?

    12. Is there any food the British won't serve with beans?

    Twitter: @stevegibsonuk

    Italy, avert your eyes.

    13. And is there anything in Britain that doesn't go on toast?

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    Britain's entire national cuisine can basically be boiled down to "XX on toast".

    14. Why is there a spread who's USP is that people might hate it?

    Twitter: @bmstores

    Marmite easter egg... interesting.

    15. With such a passion for carb-on-carb action, how do British people get anything done?

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    Surely they should just be in a permanent carb coma?

    16. Honestly, it's insane that Britain has ever achieved anything.

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    Although recently things have been slightly going to pot... maybe multiple carb-based meals are responsible?

    17. Why is "making your biscuit go all flabby in tea" virtually a national sport?

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    Why is this appetizing to Brits?

    18. What does it say about us as a nation when, in some ways, this is the most British plate of food you have ever seen in your life?

    19. It says great things about us, that's what.