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14 Types Of Poo Almost Every Human Being On Earth Has Suffered Through

There's so much variety!

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2. The "oh sweet jesus it's happening, it's happening" poo

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It comes upon you suddenly and without warning. Maybe you get a stabbing pain, a bit of a rumble, and then... Pray you find a loo in time.


5. Krakatoa

When the volcano Krakatoa blew in 1883, it made the loudest sound ever recorded in modern history, but your explosive shit is close on its heels. This is one of those cases of diahorrea which leave the toilet bowl looking like a crime scene. Kind of satisfying but at the same time extremely unpleasant.

7. The first poo at your new boyfriend/girlfriend's house

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You wish you didn't have to do one, and maybe if you're really strong you just force it back inside again til you're home. But sometimes, you gotta drop one in a romantic-ish setting, and it's loaded with fear and anxiety and air freshener.


11. The nervous poo

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The terrible, urgent poo that strikes before a job interview, an exam, some test results. Accompanied by shaking hands and a pale complexion. As soon as the drama's over, your poos return to normal.


13. The poo that won't


A proper vein-popper, this stubborn bastard will give you hemorrhoids if you try and force it out. Just relax, eat a load of prunes, drink a ton of water, and eventually nature will take it's course.