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17 Tweets About David Attenborough That'll Make You Weak With Love

He is the nation's grandad.

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1. David Attenborough is our greatest national treasure.

2. A treasure like no other.

3. We must never hurt him.

4. He is so gentle.

5. So pure.

6. He has a good heart.

7. But he is also funny.

8. He has the most soothing voice.

9. His voice is almost a superpower – people will believe anything he says.

10. We trust him completely.

11. Sometimes that's painful, but we know we are learning.

12. We want him to narrate every part of our world.

Happy Black Friday everyone (narrated by David Attenborough)

13. Every little bit of it.

14. There is no competition: David is the greatest.

15. We love him dearly.

16. We're extremely loyal to him, we can tell his true fans from phoney ones.

17. We will fight to protect him at all costs, because he's our family.

❤️ u the most, Grandad David.
Twitter: @Ludothekid

❤️ u the most, Grandad David.