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    21 Tumblr Jokes That Are Too Real If You Love Staying In

    Netflix and avoid people.

    1. This reality.

    2. This lil' dream.

    3. This life plan.

    4. This joy.

    5. This, which is your autobiography.

    6. This familiar scenario.

    7. This letter to the world.

    8. This logic.

    9. This perfect response.

    10. This uniform.

    11. This call to arms.

    12. This realistic portrait of you.

    13. This explanation.

    14. This perfect recipe.

    15. This accuracy.

    16. This truth.

    17. This, which is you at every party.

    18. This CV.

    19. This counter-offer.

    20. This practical observation.

    21. And these essentials which you definitely need.

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