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    18 Unspeakable Things Hipsters Have Done To Breakfast

    Unicorn spunk latte anyone?

    1. When this place couldn't even be bothered to take the breakfast out of the frying pan before serving it.

    Yesterday I had my breakfast served to me in an actual pan. FUCKING HELL.

    2. When two treasured hipster trends combined to form this grotesque mutant lovechild fresh from the gates of hell.

    3. When a simple coffee and a pastry made you feel like you were trapped in Gulliver's Travels.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    4. When they tried to make it acceptable for breakfast to be served in a jar.

    5. And had to use a chalk board to defend their actions.

    6. When they used chalkboards to showcase their wry wit and lure you inside for their posh coffee.

    7. Or, even worse, just to make you ~think~.

    The most hipster thing I have seen, I think, in my entire life

    8. When you couldn't even order a cup of tea anymore without it having a whacky twist.

    Had this today. Practically fluorescent hipster tea - SO GOOD!

    9. When this cafe served a classic fry-up in a surgical tray instead of on a plate.

    Breakfast in a surgical tray. Beans in a glass. Bread on a #bumpaddle. Chef in a headlock. (Pic: @ThatDamnYank)

    10. When even a simple cup of coffee had to look like it had been spunked on by a herd of unicorns.

    11. When it was OK for this cafe to serve someone breakfast on a shovel.

    12. When a hot chocolate turned up looking like this for some reason.

    13. When adding avocado and houmous (???) to a normal breakfast meant now it was a "hipster breakfast".

    14. When this toast turned up on a slate like some kind of hallowed offering.

    Ordered "luxury" toast from cafe in Harpenden. It's just toast, but on a slate. @WeWantPlates

    15. When this cafe made you grate cheese on to your beans using a dolly's size cheese grater.

    16. When someone ordered breakfast, and this nightmare materialised.

    17. When just muesli was no longer enough.

    18. When everything had to be deconstructed and then built by the customer to distract them from the creeping existential dread that they fundamentally had no purpose in this world.