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    21 Times "Harry Potter" Took Things Too Freaking Far

    This shit has scarred us for life.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most fucked-up moments in Harry Potter. Here are the horrifying results...

    1. "Fred. Weasley. Fred. Fucking. Weasley. YOU DON'T DO THAT TO TWINS. YOU JUST DON'T."

    2. Ron having a pet rat who was actually an adult man, and who watched him doing all sorts of private stuff.

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    "Why didn't Fred and George notice their brother Ron was weirdly sleeping with a guy named Peter every night when they checked the Marauder's Map?"


    3. "When Hedwig was killed. What kind of deranged author murders a beautiful, innocent owl?"

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    4. "When Bellatrix full-out tortured Hermione and carved 'mudblood' into her skin":

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    –Sam Kramer, Facebook

    5. "Two words: Nagini + Bagshot. If we’re talking fucked up, that HAS to be the one. That nasty-ass snake literally inhabited an old lady’s DEAD BODY for days, maybe weeks at a time."

    Warner Bros.

    "Then it burst out of her decaying corpse with no care for preserving its integrity. Like ‘SURPRISE, BITCHES! IT’S ME! VOLDY’S SNAKE! HISSSSS!’ So gross. So fucked up. Ew."

    –Stephanie Wright, Facebook

    6. When Tonks and Lupin both died RIGHT AFTER THEIR KID WAS BORN, leaving him an orphan.

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    7. "When Hermione deleted her parents' memories of her to protect them from Voldemort and from the pain her death would cause them if they lost in the war."

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    8. Snape's years of mental and verbal abuse against very young children, especially Neville.

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    "And then Harry named his son after his abuser. SPEAK UP, GINNY!!"


    9. "Quirrell having Voldemort ATTACHED TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD."

    Warner Bros.


    10. "Umbridge being carried off by the centaurs. Anyone with any classical knowledge knows that centaurs are infamous for being violent rapists."

    Warner Bros.

    "Then later when Umbridge and Ron are in the hospital and Ron makes hoof clopping noises, how terrified she looks."

    –Julia Hotaling, Facebook

    11. "Dumbledore leaving baby Harry on the doorstep to his aunt and uncle's house knowing they were going to abuse him."

    Warner Bros.

    12. "When Umbridge punishes Harry by having him carve words into his hand."

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    "The self-harm undertones were really intense."


    13. "Dumbledore's death. I knew it was coming, but it happened like BLAM!"

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    –Andrew W. Jenkins, Facebook

    14. "When Amos Diggory runs to Cedric's dead body WAILING 'That's my booooy!'"

    Warner Bros.

    "If that doesn't mess you up, you are a soulless human."


    15. Colin Creevey dying in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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    "Everyone else I've made peace with but that fruggin kid..."


    16. "Draco being forced to torture Ollivander or he'd be tortured himself by Voldemort. Somehow that's what I find the most disturbing in the whole story."

    Warner Bros.

    17. "The fact that there's a ghost of a murdered child living in the bathroom and no one bothers to do anything about it."

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    18. "Sirius dying after telling Harry that they are finally going to be a family. #Notfair."

    Warner Bros.


    19. "I'll make this easy: It's Neville's parents. The gum wrapper, the backstory, Neville's freakout with the spider in Moody's class. They deserve their time in the spotlight."

    Warner Bros.

    –Alan Kase, Facebook

    20. "The death of Charity Burbage the Muggle Studies professor."

    Warner Bros.

    "She was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the Death Eaters just because of the subject she taught, and no one on the good side seemed to even notice or care."

    –Amelia K. Tumlin, Facebook

    21. "Anyone who says anything except Dobby's death is a liar."

    Warner Bros.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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