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    Hahahha This Is What The Rest Of The World Calls "British Food"

    Wtf is a Coffee Crisp??

    1. So supermarkets around the world often have a shelf of "British" food. But what exactly do they think British food is? Let's take a look...

    2. Tennessee:

    Tea, jam, marmite, spotted dick, Bisto, beans, and biscuits. Yep, pretty much Britain down to a tee.

    3. Although there's the small matter of Barry's Tea, which is Irish.

    Guys, get it right.

    4. Florida:

    Twitter: @jonny_sage

    Beans, check. Rich Tea, check. Marmite, check. So far so British.


    6. We don't have Coffee Crisps in Britain.

    Twitter: @jonny_sage

    We have Toffee Crisps but not Coffee Crisps, what is going on.

    7. Indiana:

    Tyrrels crisps getting a look-in here, nice and posh. But again, we're witnessing a large quantity of Irish produce bundled in with the British. But also they have Spam, well done.

    8. Washington:

    9. New York:

    Twitter: @mcgregormt

    10/10 Maltesers shelf but quite intense signage.

    10. Austraila:

    You've got your mushy peas, Pot Noodles, Bisto, Paxo, Hellman's, Colmans, and, crucially, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers – Scotland represent.

    11. Australia II:

    Twitter: @tashylou88

    Guys, we're flattered. We love sweets and crisps and fizzy drinks, but what the ever living fuck is going on with your ~packets~ of Jaffa Cakes. THEY SHOULD COME IN NAVY BLUE BOXES.

    12. Dubai:

    Twitter: @PlanetRetail

    Plenty of Pot Noodles, various mayonnaises, and loads of tins of soup. Also, great to see Angel Delight getting the recognition it deserves.

    13. Spain:

    Twitter: @unsaltedrhino

    It's got a frankly classy selection including Jordans, ooh. Luxury Cookies, oooh. And some quality shortbread, oooooh.

    14. But omg what is going on with this massive Ferrero Rocher?

    Twitter: @unsaltedrhino

    It's nice to know what the rest of the world consider British "essentials".

    15. Canada:

    Twitter: @ScotlandFoodie

    Pretty much an entire shelf dedicated to the jewells in Tunnocks' crown here. Also loads of mushy peas. Mushy peas and Tunnocks: The diet of kings.

    16. Monaco:

    Twitter: @TrevorDann

    Quite a few of the usual culprits here, HP, Lea and Perrins, Heinz. But interestingly, also a whole shelf of Sharwood's chutneys, a true British staple.


    18. So far so British (and Irish). But here's where shit gets quite weird.

    19. Let's see what's going on in France:


    20. It's like. I mean. France, have you even met us?