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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Nov 23, 2016

    24 Mr Men Names From Around The World That'll Make You Smile

    Monsieur Bing.

    1. This is the Norwegian Mr Bump. / Figenschou

    2. And this is the Norwegian Mr Tickle. / Figenschou

    3. Here's the Portuguese Mr Silly. / Editorial Presença

    4. This is the French Mr Grumble. / Hachette / Roger Hargreaves

    5. And this is the French Mr Bounce. / Broché

    6. Here's the Spanish Mr Quiet: / Gaviota

    7. And this is the French Little Miss Fun:

    8. This is the Norwegian Mr Sneeze – he's too cute. / Figenschou

    9. This is the Welsh Little Miss Birthday: / Rily Publications

    10. This is Mr Chatterbox in Denmark: / Forlaget Babu

    11. The Danish Mr Nosey is Herr Snudeskaft. / Forlaget Babu

    12. Mr Messy has the best name in German: / Kindle Edition

    13. And Little Miss Fun gets a great name in Danish: / Forlaget Babu

    14. This is Mr Greedy in Denmark. / Forlaget Babu

    15. The German Little Miss Magic has the best surname ever. / Roger Hargreaves

    16. As does the German Little Miss Somersault. / Roger Hargreaves

    17. Although the Danish version is possibly even better. / Forlaget Babu

    18. In Denmark, Mr Dizzy is called Fætter Dumbum.

    19. And this is the Portuguese Mr Jelly:

    Twitter: @emwilliamscccu / Editorial Presença

    20. Hallo, German Mr Tall. / Roger Hargreaves

    21. Here is the German Mr Christmas: / Roger Hargreaves

    22. Here is the German Little Miss Chatterbox: / Roger Hargreaves

    23. And this is the Spanish one: / Laberinto

    24. And, finally, here is the Spanish Mr Bump: / Laberinto

    You're all adorable.

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