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    24 Mr Men Names From Around The World That'll Make You Smile

    Monsieur Bing.

    1. This is the Norwegian Mr Bump. / Figenschou

    2. And this is the Norwegian Mr Tickle. / Figenschou

    3. Here's the Portuguese Mr Silly. / Editorial Presença

    4. This is the French Mr Grumble. / Hachette / Roger Hargreaves

    5. And this is the French Mr Bounce. / Broché

    6. Here's the Spanish Mr Quiet: / Gaviota

    7. And this is the French Little Miss Fun:

    8. This is the Norwegian Mr Sneeze – he's too cute. / Figenschou

    9. This is the Welsh Little Miss Birthday: / Rily Publications

    10. This is Mr Chatterbox in Denmark: / Forlaget Babu

    11. The Danish Mr Nosey is Herr Snudeskaft. / Forlaget Babu

    12. Mr Messy has the best name in German: / Kindle Edition

    13. And Little Miss Fun gets a great name in Danish: / Forlaget Babu

    14. This is Mr Greedy in Denmark. / Forlaget Babu

    15. The German Little Miss Magic has the best surname ever. / Roger Hargreaves

    16. As does the German Little Miss Somersault. / Roger Hargreaves

    17. Although the Danish version is possibly even better. / Forlaget Babu

    18. In Denmark, Mr Dizzy is called Fætter Dumbum.

    19. And this is the Portuguese Mr Jelly:

    Twitter: @emwilliamscccu / Editorial Presença

    20. Hallo, German Mr Tall. / Roger Hargreaves

    21. Here is the German Mr Christmas: / Roger Hargreaves

    22. Here is the German Little Miss Chatterbox: / Roger Hargreaves

    23. And this is the Spanish one: / Laberinto

    24. And, finally, here is the Spanish Mr Bump: / Laberinto

    You're all adorable.

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