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28 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Labrador

They're the goodest boys.

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3. Literally perfect.

Instagram: @awh

Worried little eyebrows. Don't worry, pup.

4. Except for the small matter of the biting...

It really hurt!


7. There was that bit in the middle when they were a beautiful teenager.

Instagram: @the_pupper_scout

All ears and outsize paws.

8. Then they were a big boy.

Such a fine dog. Look at them all growed up.


14. They just want to be good boys!

Good boys and good girls!

16. Oh, and sometimes when they eat the bad things.


18. And when they fetch it, but they won't drop it.

My bally.


23. They're such jolly dogs, they really are everybody's friend.

Instagram: @labrador_belarus

24. They're also extremely greedy of course.

Instagram: @mydogisfamily

They're greedier than you, which is saying something.


28. And you'd do anything for them.

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