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26 Things You Thought In The '00s That Turned Out Not To Be True

Fake tan and massive belts 4ever.

1. You thought that pig's trotter trainers were the height of cool.

2. Almost as cool as the boho look.

3. That dresses needed belts.

4. And skirts needed trousers.

5. And skirts also needed belts – not to hold them up, just to be there, to show you were a bit of a cowgirl.

6. That mini-mullets were super hot on guys.

7. That butterfly hairclips were both useful and extremely pretty.

8. And that one sleeve was better than two.

9. That boots should be suede and baggy with tassles.

10. That warm feet and bare legs was a good compromise.

11. That straight hair was worth the cheek and ear burns.

12. That corset tops were glam and sexy, and in no way tarty.

13. And thongs were a casual look that should peek out from your low-waisted jeans.

14. That chunky highlights made it look like you'd spent the summer surfing at the beach, and not just sweeping up hair in Toni and Guy on the high street.

15. And Paris and Nicole, though irritating, were on some level friendship goals.

16. You thought that dancing on a bar like the girls in Coyote Ugly was a glamorous and sophisticated way to earn a living.

17. And that if all else failed, someone would recognise your secret singing talent and ask you to audition for Fame Academy.

18. That Smirnoff Ice was classy.

19. That Glen's was a sordid but affordable way to get drunk fast.

20. That Bacardi Breezers were for a special girls' night out when you were feeling flash.

21. And that vodka Red Bull was a grown-up’s drink.

22. You thought spray tan looked natural, as long as no one saw your wrists, neck, or ankles.

23. And that every song by Blue was equally good.

24. That Nokias would be around forever.

25. And MySpace too.

26. You thought that you and your friends were glam, cool, and classy, and you'd never regret any of the choices you made during this glorious decade known as "the noughties".