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    14 Things Everyone Learns When They Watch "Naked Attraction"

    People look terrible naked.

    1. You never really knew awkwardness before watching this show.

    Channel 4

    This is a TV programme where six naked people get picked over by a potential date, and then harshly rejected because their pubic hair is too bushy. It takes awkward to a whole new level.

    2. There are people in Britain who genuinely think they might meet "the one" based on judging six people's naked bodies.

    Studio Lambert / Via

    "Tinder hasn't worked out for me BUT I THINK NAKED ATTRACTION WILL." What is the world coming to?

    3. You really need the noise and jollity of a studio audience on a game show.

    MoPo productions

    There is no audience on Naked Attraction, which gives the show a haunting atmosphere. People having their genitals judged in a large, quiet studio is very uncomfortable.

    4. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes.,

    There are some really interesting ones out there.

    5. So do penises.,

    Some penises are very thin, some are eye-poppingly enormous, some are teeny-weeny-woo.

    6. People look terrible naked.


    Everyone on Naked Attraction looks 1,000% better when they put their clothes on at the end.

    7. You cannot predict what someone’s face will look like based on their legs and rude bits.

    Traffic Accident Commission

    Honestly, there is no correlation between good legs and a nice face.

    8. You can't predict someone's personality based on their naked body.

    Lady on #nakedattraction just rejected contestant because he 'didnt look confident'. He literally had his cock out on national television.

    But the contestants will be actively encouraged to do this.

    9. A naked goodbye hug is the worst kind of hug.

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    There is something uniquely tragic about the rejected contestants coming out of their pods for the naked goodbye hug. This is not something you ever want to experience in your life.

    10. Most contestants feel proud of themselves for going on the show and say it’s boosted their self-esteem.

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    I don’t know why being rejected naked on national TV makes people feel good, but it does. The question is: Will they still feel the same way in 10 years when they're going for that senior management role in the big important company?

    11. People don't change.

    "I'm looking to change and not pick a gym guy" *picks the bodybuilder* 😂 #nakedattraction

    The law of Naked Attraction is that you will fall into exactly the same dating traps that you do in real life, just this time you will be naked.

    12. Some people who go on a naked dating show are really nice and wholesome and earnest. But some aren't...

    WAH???!!!!!!!! He COPPED OFF WITH SOMEONE ELSE IN THE HOTEL??? You ROTTER!!!! Poor Marley...😧#NakedAttraction

    This is an important lesson to learn.


    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    14. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert / BuzzFeed

    Because, honestly the book will just shag you in the Travel Lodge after the show and then never return your calls.

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