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    11 Photos That Show Exactly Why Women Love Getting Waxed

    It's just like this.

    1. This is an extremely accurate depiction of what it is like to have a bikini wax.

    Yuri_arcurs / Getty Images

    We press the strip to our Barbie smooth upper-thighs and then very gently pull the invisible hair out.

    2. The waxing lady scatters rose petals before applying the lovely warm wax to our soft hairless skin.

    Hammett79 / Getty Images

    The whole experience is so soothing.

    3. Women don't have body hair, as you know, but we still like to get waxed a few times a year.

    Pilin_petunyia / Getty Images

    Here's a lady indulging in a luxurious armpit wax just because it's such a nice thing to do.

    4. Sometimes we wax ourselves, literally just for the heck of it!

    Antonio_diaz / Getty Images

    It's a fun way for a completely hairless girl to spend an afternoon.

    5. The female body is amazing! Look at the way it glows. Pressing a waxing strip against a glowing calf is all part of the mysterious ritual of femininity.

    Puhhha / Getty Images

    We don't need to be waxed, but we like to, remember that.

    6. Because we have no body hair it doesn't hurt to get waxed, but sometimes we make a pained expression just to add to the theatre of it.

    Deagreez / Getty Images

    Women are strange, what can I say?!

    7. "Ouch! I feel nothing because I'm as hairless as a kitchen counter, but ouch! It's just fun to say ouch!"

    Nikodash / Getty Images

    So accurate.

    8. She doesn't need a moustache wax, none of us do, but there's something so intimate about a stranger in latex gloves pressing a strip against your upper lip so who can blame her?

    Pyotr021 / Getty Images

    I can't blame her.

    9. Set the scene for an unnecessary waxing session with a row of scented candles, and a scattering of petals and pearls.

    Andreypopov / Getty Images

    Getting a wax, even though you don't need one because no women have body hair, is quintessential "me time".

    10. The beautician uses uses her manicured fingers to rub hot wax into the woman's CGI-generated leg.

    Pavelkriuchkov / Getty Images

    Do I have to say it again? WE HAVE NO HAIR BUT WE ARE BIG INTO WAXING.

    11. "What are you doing on Saturday Kim?" "Oh I'm just going to sit on my bed with a waxing strip on my beautiful hairless leg, it just feels nice."

    Valuavitaly / Getty Images

    That's cool Kim, we can 100% relate.

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