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    12 Jokes You'll Just Get If You're Obsessed With Cheese

    Will you Brie mine?

    1. Loving cheese makes little rational sense.

    2. Most cheesy things in life are all wrong.

    3. But for some godforsaken reason, this stinking lump of aged dairy product is the greatest foodstuff on earth.

    4. When it comes to cheese, you have precisely zero portion control.

    5. And it majorly screws with your healthy-eating goals.

    6. You know so many cheeses, you basically speak French.

    7. You love anything with melted cheese, but if you had to choose...

    8. Because cheese is always there for you.

    9. And although you know it's basically the devil in disguise...

    10. And you will never get your head around "the smelliness paradox":

    11. It pains you to have to throw it away.

    12. Yep. This love is forever.