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    21 Slightly Fucked-Up Things British People Do To Food

    We're quite weird really.

    1. Chip butties.

    Twitter: @markemoon

    Carbs nestling within carbs shouldn't be OK, but for some reason it is.

    2. Double decker chip butties.

    Twitter: @BronteCoates

    You can't stop us.

    3. And of course the toast sandwich...

    We are a nation of people with no fear of carbs whatsoever.

    4. Behold the Holy Trinity: lasagne, chips, and garlic bread.

    Twitter: @katherinelanex

    This is every single British person's perfect meal. Every single one.

    5. Putting beans on everything.

    6. Literally everything.

    Twitter: @stevegibsonuk

    Nothing is sacred.

    7. Or having beans with little sausages floating in it.

    8. Eating very thin pancakes which are crispy round the edges and flabby in the middle, with just sugar and lemon.

    Twitter: @Cassielou1989

    OK, this is not fucked up, but we are aware that American people think it is. What we say is: Don't diss it til you've tried it.

    9. Eating a meal out of a Yorkshire pudding.

    Twitter: @DavidJEWood

    They are better than plates.

    10. Eating potatoes that have faces.

    Twitter: @maattmurphy

    Potato smiles are quite sinister when you think about it.

    11. Covering fish and chips in curry sauce.

    Twitter: @andrewdtanner

    It's a bit gelatinous but very tasty.

    12. Eating a traditional curry and rice with chips on the side.

    Twitter: @theseaside100

    It goes really well together, sorry.

    13. Iced buns, which are basically hot dog buns covered in white icing.

    Twitter: @Montarnna

    The savoury bun and the sweet icing are a match made in heaven.

    14. Scones with jam and a fuckload of clotted cream.

    Twitter: @thefensmag, Twitter: @adwoodsuk

    There is a serious dispute among British people about whether the jam or cream goes on first.

    15. While we're on the subject, "clotted cream" has to be one of the grossest-sounding foods of all time.

    Twitter: @Roddas_Cream

    It is in fact delicious, especially the weird yellow crusty bit on top.

    16. Fried bread being an essential component of a fry-up.

    Twitter: @Craig_Abernethy

    It's greasy AF but so good.

    17. Dipping "soldiers" in egg yolk.

    Twitter: @porridgelady

    Soldiers are hot, buttered, thin slices of toast, and they are one of the nation's greatest foods.

    18. And let's not forget the glory which is the crisp sandwich.

    Twitter: @blogaboutcrisps

    Salt and vinegar crisps are best for this.

    19. Dunking a Rich Tea until it is soggy but doesn't collapse.

    Twitter: @riversideprint

    If it collapses your tea has a gross beige sludge at the bottom.

    20. Spaghetti, in hoop form, served on toast.

    Twitter: @lizziegolucky

    Please don't tell Italy we do this.

    21. And finally, covering everything – literally everything – in gravy.