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Sex In The Movies Vs In Real Life

Gonorrhoea doesn't exist in the movies. (Warning: images of censored toon sex.)

1. There's no need to actually be naked to have sex in the movies.

IRL: Underwear can form a barrier to sex.

2. No one wears a condom in the movies.

IRL: gonorrhoea.

3. Penetration happens immediately in movie sex.

IRL: Women are not “just always ready” for a penis.

4. Movie women make constant orgasm noises during sex.

IRL: Women do not have constant, immediate orgasms.

5. All movie people have super-sexy underwear.

IRL: old underwear.

6. Getting undressed is simple and sexy in the movies.

IRL: lots of awkward stumbling about.

7. Water sex.

IRL: verruca plasters.

8. Walking-around sex.

IRL: penile fractures