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    19 Sad Meals Every British Drunk Person Has Suffered Through

    To be fair these all tasted great at the time.

    1. The "this bar doesn't serve food so we'll have a liquid dinner instead".

    Twitter: @Poosan18

    Gonna end so badly.

    2. The 2am bowl of cereal.

    Twitter: @Ollie_Paul_

    The milk goes everywhere and you wake up with cornflakes stuck in your hair.

    3. Someone throwing food at you "to sober you up".

    Twitter: @MicheleSkyla

    "Here eat dese cereals they make u wake up."

    4. The sloppy kebab.

    Twitter: @luciejadehall_

    You'll regret all that garlic mayo come the morning.

    5. The fallen kebab.

    Twitter: @AlexIsOnEarth

    It's tragic, but it's best to just let it go. Don't get down on the ground and carry on eating it. Don't do that.

    6. The meal that will probably kill you one day.

    Twitter: @seqilol

    Looooook how shiiiiiny it iiiiiiis.

    7. Something drowning in mayo.

    Twitter: @shaannonbeth

    This here is chips, under a low-key avalanche of mayonnaise.

    8. The pizza of desperation.

    Twitter: @Izzythomasx

    When you are so damn starving you just need to eat, even if that means sitting alone on the floor of the takeaway shop.

    9. The "eyes bigger than tummy".

    Twitter: @Steffers30

    You're convinced you need this much food at 3am, then pass out immediately.

    10. The Pot Noodle.

    Twitter: @chriscampbellX

    An absolute drunk person staple.

    11. Cheese.

    Straight from the fridge, it's a fucking life-saver.

    12. The 3am Londis raid.

    Twitter: @molsipher

    Omg midnight feast!!

    13. The reheated leftovers.

    Twitter: @ChrysMuirhead

    You're so happy to see the cold mince and potatoes in the fridge when you're drunk and ravenous.

    14. The "margarine and stale bread because that was the only food in the house" sandwich.

    Twitter: @siminayyar

    We've all been there, and it's a very dark place.

    15. The glass of milk.

    Twitter: @NaeYaCampRules

    When there's not even any stale bread and margarine in the house, so you gotta fill up with milk.

    16. Something sloppy and salty served in a polystyrene box.

    17. The "fucked-up meal you cobbled together from a load of disparate elements".

    Twitter: @huberdeau_camil

    It's mostly melted cheddar.

    18. Fried eggs because you've got to eat something and a frying pan is about the most complex piece of kitchen equipment you can interact with at this point.

    Twitter: @madsqueeze

    Just remember to turn that hob off!!

    19. The toast you force down so you're not sick.

    Twitter: @Katie_Ann52

    It's so terribly, terribly dry.