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A Reminder That '00s Ryan Gosling Was Truly Iconic

He was very different back then.

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But how about '00s Ryan Gosling? He was a different guy back then. Many different guys. Let's take a look...


10. He was one of those guys who grew a moustache "for charity" but you knew he secretly just wanted a moustache and it kind of annoyed you that he wasn't honest about that.


14. '00s Ryan was that older guy you boasted about to your friends, without questioning what a 30-year-old was doing kissing an 18-year-old anyway.

15. He was the "funny one" in the group who wore wacky suits.

18. '00s Ryan Gosling was your sweet best guy friend, a real Mr Nice. You didn't fancy him, but convinced yourself you did and that was a mistake.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

You broke '00s Ryan Gosling's heart, and you'll always feel bad about that.


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