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    A Reminder That '00s Ryan Gosling Was Truly Iconic

    He was very different back then.

    We're all familiar with 2017 Ryan Gosling – he's a dashing chap, and brilliant actor to boot.

    But how about '00s Ryan Gosling? He was a different guy back then. Many different guys. Let's take a look...

    1. '00s Ryan Gosling was that hot fuckboy in school who sung in a band, whom you fancied despite your better instincts.

    2. But he was also your younger brother at a funeral.

    3. '00s Ryan was that guy you dated who spent quite a bit of time on his hair but didn't change his pants that often.

    4. He was your friend's older brother who you fancied but mainly because you didn't know any other guys yet.

    5. He's a guy whispering "Weed and pills, weed and pills" outside the club.

    6. '00s Ryan Gosling is that boy that came back from his gap year in Thailand indignant about all the injustice in this world.

    7. He'd lost loads of weight at a silent Buddhist retreat and had a bunch of amazing new ideas about meditation.

    8. '00s Ryan Gosling was attractive, sure, but you knew deep down you were ignoring the issue of his taste in T-shirts.

    9. '00s Ryan Gosling wasn't wearing that jacket when he asked you out on the bus.

    10. He was one of those guys who grew a moustache "for charity" but you knew he secretly just wanted a moustache and it kind of annoyed you that he wasn't honest about that.

    11. '00s Ryan Gosling works with your dad and has a really glam wife who's always dressed to the nines.

    12. '00s Ryan Gosling broke your heart when he asked someone else to the end-of-year dance.

    13. '00s Gosling is the first boy you brought home that your mum approved of.

    14. '00s Ryan was that older guy you boasted about to your friends, without questioning what a 30-year-old was doing kissing an 18-year-old anyway.

    15. He was the "funny one" in the group who wore wacky suits.

    16. He was the shy exchange student who was a gentle kisser, but quite awkward in bed.

    17. He was the estate agent who showed your parents round their new house.

    18. '00s Ryan Gosling was your sweet best guy friend, a real Mr Nice. You didn't fancy him, but convinced yourself you did and that was a mistake.