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    23 Pugs Who Had A Terrible Referendum Night

    Look at their sad litttle eyes.

    1. This little guy wants to know if it's all just a bad dream.

    2. This fluff's just realised that when Scotland leaves there won't be a Great Britain anymore.

    3. This boy can't believe he's crying during David Cameron's resignation speech. He doesn't even like David Cameron.

    4. This pupper's just found out Britain isn't the world's fifth largest economy anymore.

    5. This floofle can't even bring herself to get up today.

    6. This poor boy's just seen that clip of Nigel Farage admitting the NHS won't really get £350million a week, and they probably shouldn't have promised that on the Leave poster.

    7. This little boy will never forgive David Cameron for his terrible mistake.

    8. This little lady wore her special dress, but she doesn't feel like celebrating anymore.

    9. This boy had faith in our democratic system. Now he feels let down.

    10. This fuzzbert's contemplating a frightening new future in which Nigel Farage has even more swagger and confidence.

    11. This chap's just found out the FTSE's down 9%.

    12. This guy's lost all faith in everything.

    13. This floffle's like, "It's not legally binding, let's just ignore it." The people wouldn't like that, floffle.

    14. "Why does Michael Gove exist, mum?"

    15. This guy's thinking how much he'll miss his friends when he moves to Scotland.

    16. This floffkins has got a terrible pain in his tummy.

    17. This fuzz is remembering the moment David Cameron promised the people a referendum. "You've let us all down David Cameron, and you've let yourself down too."

    18. This floofle has just gone straight back to bed.

    19. "Can't London become an independent country and stay in the EU?" That's not how it works, fluff. That's not how it works.

    20. This little chap didn't think politics could hurt so bad.

    21. This tiny pup feels ashamed to be British.

    22. This silky boy was planning to move to Berlin one day. Now he doesn't know what the future holds.

    23. This girl wants to throw Friday 24 June in the bin.

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