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    Posted on Jun 6, 2016

    23 Pictures That'll Make All Gravy Lovers Angry

    Hope you like your food dry AF.

    1. This assemblage of hard-to-swallow foodstuffs attempting but failing to pass as a roast dinner.

    2. This atrocious impression of bangers and mash.

    3. This sad insight into someone's love life.

    4. This claggy heap.

    Eatin some dry A potatoes, dry A chicken, and a dry A piece of broccoli.. #NoGravy

    5. This fucked-up joke.

    Yorkshire pudding anyone? #nogravy

    6. This bitter, bitter disappointment.

    7. This waking nightmare.

    8. This bizarre beige pool of chunky gloop which Americans like to eat.

    Twitter: @EricJ319

    If it's not brown IT'S NOT GRAVY.

    9. This "steak and ale" pie baked by sadists.

    10. This cheap and easy way to COMPLETELY spoil Christmas.

    11. This abstract array of foods which are sharing a plate but are not united in any way.

    12. This appalling sight.

    Nice roast dinner @rimaEssex, looks nice and dry

    13. This insult to pie and mash everywhere.

    14. This atrocity.

    Twitter: @geoshortie_7

    Ketchup and mayonaise are NOT THE SAME AS GRAVY.

    15. This abysmal excuse for poutine.

    @McDonalds Poutine and all I have to say is...where's the gravy?

    Yes! McDonalds in Canada makes poutine. No! It is not nice.

    16. And this one.

    @Nezzer99 McD_Canada where's the gravy? I asked for poutine not fries and cheese! #brutal

    17. And this one.

    @McDonalds you call this a poutine where's the gravy

    McDonalds Canada, please stop pretending to be able to make poutine.

    18. This bangers and mash and... wee?

    Facebook: dimlylitmealsforone

    Utterly devastating.

    19. This frankly terrifying proposition.

    20. This Christmas cruelty.

    21. This pastry imposter posing as a pasty.

    22. This poor little boy.

    23. This insanity in which a PORK PIE gets a place in a Christmas lunch, but not gravy.

    Least christmassy dinner ever. No gravy. Tragic

    24. And lastly this sorry, sorry sight.

    Twitter: @cjm9891

    I'm choking just thinking about eating it.

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