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23 Pictures That'll Make All Gravy Lovers Angry

Hope you like your food dry AF.

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4. This claggy heap.

Eatin some dry A potatoes, dry A chicken, and a dry A piece of broccoli.. #NoGravy

5. This fucked-up joke.

Yorkshire pudding anyone? #nogravy


12. This appalling sight.

Nice roast dinner @rimaEssex, looks nice and dry


15. This abysmal excuse for poutine.

@McDonalds Poutine and all I have to say is...where's the gravy?

Yes! McDonalds in Canada makes poutine. No! It is not nice.

16. And this one.

@Nezzer99 McD_Canada where's the gravy? I asked for poutine not fries and cheese! #brutal

17. And this one.

@McDonalds you call this a poutine where's the gravy

McDonalds Canada, please stop pretending to be able to make poutine.


20. This Christmas cruelty.

23. This insanity in which a PORK PIE gets a place in a Christmas lunch, but not gravy.

Least christmassy dinner ever. No gravy. Tragic


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