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    16 People Who Tried To Be British But Failed

    This is painful.

    1. It's not easy to be a successful British person.

    2. The country's called "Great" Britain for a reason.

    3. There are some things you have to get right.

    4. And if you fail at them, well shame on you.

    5. It's difficult to watch people attempt to be successfully British, and then fail.

    6. It's extremely uncomfortable.

    7. Traumatic even.

    8. You know they aimed for greatness.

    9. They gave being British their best shot.

    10. But they didn't pull it off.

    11. It's sad.

    12. Heart-breaking really.

    13. All their aspirations, their hopes and dreams.

    14. Collapsed in a soggy heap.

    15. You can only imagine their bitter disappointment.

    16. The cold, clammy realisation when it hit them: That despite their ambition, they failed at being British.