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People Have Giant Cats Living In Their Houses And Oh My Goodness

Savannah cats are the size of dogs.

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1. Savannah cats are incredible.

They were bred by crossing the domestic kitty with an African wildcat called a serval. Breeding with wild cats is controversial, as many people feel the animals are too wild to be pets.

And here's a serval lying down.

2. Savannah owners describe them as "a cat that looks like a leopard with the temperament of a dog."

But other people – including the UK animal charity the RSPCA – say they still have many wild cat traits and are too dangerous for the home. They also argue that it is unfair on the animals as domestic life is at odds with their natural instincts.


3. They certainly look quite strange just going about their business.

Instagram: @hiddenspots_savannah

4. Plus they're huuuge for cats. Look at this guy!

And they're expensive too: It costs thousands of $$$ to buy one.

5. So now we know what they are, let's just look in awe at a bunch of Savannah cats in their natural habitat: people's living rooms.

I mean, honestly.


7. Amazing night safari pics of a wildcat on your sofa.

Instagram: @catspurrfectandclaws

8. This cat is the size of a desk.

Instagram: @catlooo_catsofswitzerland

He's exhausted from hunting your feet all day.

9. "Oh, hi, this is my cat...and this is my other cat."

Instagram: @beastie_kokonut_kong

11. Ohhh, uh-oh. Baby Savannah.

Hi, big ears.

13. More things you should know: Some Savannah cats are ginger.

Instagram: @mango_the_savannah

He's like a mythical beast.

14. The ginger ones have crazy spots.

15. Also people walk their Savannahs on leads. Like dogs. Because they're the size of dogs.

Instagram: @threespottedcats

Good fellow.


23. A wildcat, just chilling on your sofa.

If you are considering getting a cat, please rehome a rescue cat. Check out Cats Protection in the UK for kitties looking for homes right now.


Breeding or buying half-wild cats is controversial and discouraged by many animal charities. You should do proper research before considering taking on any pet.

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