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22 Olympics Fails That'll Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

Gold medal for effort.

1. This tragedy.

2. This thing that had so much promise at first.

3. This guy that's all of us on ice, tbh.

4. These suspicious bubbles.

5. This face plant.

6. This momentary lapse of concentration.

7. This quiet carnage.

8. This snowboarder, thwarted by snow.

9. This big moment gone awry.

10. This evil pole.

11. The cruel, cruel agony of race walking.

12. This expert miss.

13. This gold medal for pole snapping.

14. This anti-climax.

15. This pièce de résistance.

16. This guy.

17. This change of heart.

18. This daydreamer.

19. This hopping.

20. This spin too far.

21. This epic journey off-piste.

22. And this wardrobe malfunction.

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