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    Here Are 19 Comics That You Will Probably Relate To So Much That You'd Want To Cry

    I can literally relate to all of them.

    All comics by @relatabledoodles on Instagram.

    1. When you realise you are not, in fact, "a morning person":

    2. When you accidentally open a story that was posted a few seconds ago:

    3. When this happens at family reunions:

    4. These horoscopes which are 100% true:

    5. When you order the cheapest item but have to "split the bill":

    6. When you forget that not everyone can handle spice:

    7. When you're not as photogenic as you think you are:

    8. When you regret all the times you fantasized about adulthood:

    9. When you notice the real difference between school and college:

    10. When you just don't want to walk near anyone tbh:

    11. When your brain betrays your mouth:

    12. When your stomach decides to draw attention to you at the quietest of moments:

    13. When you don't see anything fun about having to think of a fun fact:

    14. When people think that you can cure depression but just telling us to "be happy":

    15. When your friends are actually your real enemies:

    16. When you break your pen caps for no particular reason:

    17. When the severity of your curse words decrease as you get older:

    18. When time flies by quicker than you wanted it to:

    19. When you get friend zoned:

    H/T: You can find even more relatable comics by @relatabledoodles on Instagram.

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