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16 Of The Most Cringeworthy Movie Sex Scenes Of All Time

Pass me a bucket of cold water.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community which movie sex scenes were the most cringey. Here are the horrifying results...

1. "The pool scene in Showgirls between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan."

Carolco Pictures

"She looks like a fish on the hook." – leannetillyk

2. "Every single sex scene in The Room is terrible."


"The music, camera work, and sounds combined are so cringey. They even had to reuse the same scene because the actress refused to act it out twice as she was so uncomfortable the first time." – jellyment

3. "The one at the end of Sausage Party – I have never been so uncomfortable."

Annapurna Pictures

"We went to the cinema to see it and it was a solid five minutes of awkward Britishness as nobody could look at each other." – charlymurg

4. "Jennifer Aniston and the douche she dates in Friends with Money."

This Is That Productions

"He makes her dress up as a French maid, watches her clean, and clearly disappoints her sexually. It's quite a sad scene to watch." – cazboline

5. "Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke in Taking Lives."

Warner Bros.

"Such an awkward moment when they have sex. Angelina flopping around like a fish." – saraha423fbd416

6. "The scene in Love, Rosie, when the condom got stuck inside her...cringey AF."

Canyon Creek Films

7. "The sex scene in Splice was really fucked up."


"Everyone involved in that movie has issues." – marandia60

8. "The sex-milking scene in Neighbors."

Good Universe


9. "I know it's supposed to be a comedy but American Pie."

Universal Pictures

10. "The scene from Troll 2 with the witch and the corn."


11. "The 'sex scene' between Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher."

Columbia Pictures

"So uncomfortable to watch." – Cortney Sebesta via Facebook

12. "Every. Single. Sex. Scene. In. 50. Shades. Of. Grey."

Focus Features

13. "The one between Themistocles and Artemisia in 300 Rise of an Empire."

Warner Bros.

"An awkward battle/sex scene. I look away every time because it is so cringey." – Amelie Blaster Lysell via Facebook

14. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno. You know the scene..."

Blue Askew

"That chick frosted me like I was a fucking cake!" – Sara Lee via Facebook

15. "No one has brought up Gigli yet? OK, guess I have to. Gobble gobble."

Revolution Studios

– Erinne Beachler via Facebook

16. "Dane Cook giving oral sex to a stuffed toy penguin in the credits of Good Luck Chuck."


"While Jessica Alba's character makes sexy noises. That was...weird." – Imee Malabonga via Facebook

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