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19 Reasons Women Should Shave Their Body Hair

"It's just yuck."

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1. "Girls should shave their body hair."

Instagram: @howtohairgirl

But this girl's pits look great though...

2. "Female body hair is disgusting."

Um, this woman looks beautiful, thank you very much.

Um, this woman looks beautiful, thank you very much.

3. "Armpit hair is not feminine."

Instagram: @meganfromthemoon

She looks pretty ladylike to me.

4. "Women should pluck their eyebrows."

Instagram: @clubclitoris

Or perhaps they shouldn't pluck them, and celebrate them instead?

5. "It's unnatural for women to have body hair."

Instagram: @felinefringe

It's literally the most natural thing, and it looks pretty cool too.

6. "Women should shave their legs."

Instagram: @xmandi

Says who?

7. "You can't grow your hair in the summer — everyone will see!"

Instagram: @ladypithair

But why should you care if they see?

8. "Only men should have armpit hair."

Instagram: @madonna

Try telling that to the Queen of Pop.

9. "Big eyebrows are gross on girls."

Instagram: @taziacira

This girl's eyebrows are absolutely beautiful though.

10. "You can't wear a dress if you haven't shaved your legs."

Instagram: @zenspy

This girl says you can.

11. "It's disgusting when women show off their body hair."

Instagram: @howtohairgirl

Literally no one gives a fuck about your opinion — and these women give the least fucks of all.

12. "Thick eyebrows are not feminine."

Instagram: @howtohairgirl

This girl looks damn pretty though.

13. "Women should be clean shaven."

Instagram: @howtohairgirl

But then this girl wouldn't have ace red pit hair.

14. "Body hair is not cute."

Instagram: @ladypithair

This woman looks pretty cute IMO.

15. "Female body hair is not sexy."

Instagram: @pitangels

Gonna have to disagree.

16. "There's nothing worse than a monobrow."

Instagram: @urban_loc

But this girl looks so fucking cool.

17. "Men won't fancy you with hairy armpits."

Instagram: @howtohairgirl

But who needs those men?

18. "Time to shave for summer!"

Instagram: @stormyent


19. "You can't wear vests with hairy pits."

Instagram: @catbeyond

This picture says you absolutely can.