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    19 Reasons Women Should Shave Their Body Hair

    "It's just yuck."

    1. "Girls should shave their body hair."

    2. "Female body hair is disgusting."

    3. "Armpit hair is not feminine."

    4. "Women should pluck their eyebrows."

    5. "It's unnatural for women to have body hair."

    6. "Women should shave their legs."

    7. "You can't grow your hair in the summer — everyone will see!"

    8. "Only men should have armpit hair."

    9. "Big eyebrows are gross on girls."

    10. "You can't wear a dress if you haven't shaved your legs."

    11. "It's disgusting when women show off their body hair."

    12. "Thick eyebrows are not feminine."

    13. "Women should be clean shaven."

    14. "Body hair is not cute."

    15. "Female body hair is not sexy."

    16. "There's nothing worse than a monobrow."

    17. "Men won't fancy you with hairy armpits."

    18. "Time to shave for summer!"

    19. "You can't wear vests with hairy pits."