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    Sandra Oh's Hair Is The Best Thing About Killing Eve

    She's the icon us thick-haired girls have been waiting for.

    You loved Killing Eve, I loved Killing Eve, we all loved Killing Eve.

    It had basically everything. Strong female leads – yuh. Script by Phoebe Waller-Bridge – YEP.

    Woman objectified because her hair is a giant, wavy, follicle explosion with a ponytail kink – MAIS OUI.

    Because, let's be real, the true star of Killing Eve is Sandra Oh's incredible hair.

    Look 👏 at 👏 her 👏 beautiful 👏 big 👏 hair 👏:

    We're not talking about a swaying weft of shampoo-advert-shimmering-silk here. Eve has thick, dark, wild, and wavy hair. Hair that doesn’t play by the goddamn rules – rather like Eve herself.

    And if, like me, you are one of the big, messy haired girls of this world it was like – FINALLY! Representation.

    I mean, the whole frickin’ plot of Killing Eve is driven by sexy bombshell Villanelle crushing on women with big, bushy, dark hair. First she falls for Anna:

    Then she falls for Eve: a kickass female investigator, who won’t flirt with men for secrets, doesn’t give a shit about getting dressed up, and is deemed a sex icon literally for just taking her unbrushed hair out of a ponytail???????!?!?!??!??!! Am I actually dreaming???!?

    Let’s take a moment to relive that epic scene in the hospital bathroom where Villanelle sees Eve take her hair down:

    Look at Villanelle’s eyes. That is lust.

    So Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and Emmys, please, for Sandra Oh’s outstanding hair!