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    16 Horrifically Gross Places People Have Stayed On Holiday

    These trips did not go to plan.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst place they've ever stayed on holiday. Here are some of their responses:

    1. You get what you pay for:

    Flickr: robbyryke / BuzzFeed

    –Mandy Rice, Facebook

    2. Neighbourhood toilet:

    "We rented a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales in a small village. It only had a front garden, and when we arrived the whole area had a horrible smell around it. We walked through the gate to discover the whole front garden was full of dog poo – like a brown carpet with small circles of grass. On the first night we were watching TV and someone walked through the gate and left their dog in the garden for about 20 minutes. Throughout the week we realised residents in the village were using this garden as a toilet for their dogs."


    3. Massive wasp things:

    "A group of about 20 of us travelled all over the Balkans for a month. In Montenegro we stayed in this super-sketchy hotel. None of the doors had locks, and there were these massive wasp things crawling out of the walls and flying around the rooms. The showers in the men’s room didn’t work and one of the showers in the women’s room had an exposed electrical wire dangling just a couple inches from the water."


    4. Perforated legs: / BuzzFeed

    –Ruth Charnock, Facebook

    5. Gnome nightmare:

    "We stayed in a cottage in the Forest of Dean, but the owners had decorated the INSIDE of the cottage with garden gnomes, all facing the sofas or beds so it was like they were watching us. We checked out the garden and found what looked like a sort of stone shrine, complete with tiny sacrificial table."

    –Em Snave, Facebook

    6. Shitshow:

    "This year, I stayed in a rented house in Fort Worth, Texas. The house was absolutely filthy from her two dogs and five cats that used the entire house as a bathroom. The stench was so horrible I got migraines. About halfway through the trip, some handymen robbed the house. And to top it all off, I found a hidden camera in the kitchen the last week of my stay."


    7. Oil stains:

    Flickr: 74783045@N00 / Alain Vezina


    8. The coyote under the stairs:

    "So I was on a cross-country road trip in Kansas. We got to our rental place and it was still under construction. There were baby toys in the living room (still not sure why) and doors with no knobs. The window in our room peeked out into a dingy garage. The weirdest part though? A STUFFED COYOTE was placed under the stairs, and in the rules, it was mandatory to never turn the light above him off."


    9. The fungus:

    10. Er, where's the shower?

    "Went to Switzerland with my parents and booked a large, quite cheap apartment. Turned up to find we were staying in the basement of a woman’s house and we didn’t have a kitchen or our own shower. It was an incredibly awkward four days."


    11. The abandoned villa:

    "My family booked a villa in Italy for a holiday. When we arrived we found the villas, completely empty, in a courtyard that was so overgrown it looked like it had been long forgotten. We tried to connect with the hosts but their account had been deleted. As we were leaving an old man and two younger men appeared and told us they had been expecting us. They tried to take our backpacks but we ran down the driveway never looking back."


    12. Slugs, floods, and automobiles:

    13. They're watching you:

    "My mom and I stayed in the house where Bonny Prince Charles stayed during the Jacobite uprising. Cool, right? Not really. We get there and the property looks like a creepy abandoned lot. Inside we were met with the smell of mould. My face swelled up from an allergic reaction, so I went to the bathroom to shower. There were three windows without curtains, making it literally impossible to use the bathroom without being seen by the neighbours. We ended up staying the night, but legged it out of there before the sun came up and didn’t look back."


    14. There's something in the bed:

    "My grandma and grandpa went to the Philippines around 30 years ago. They were diving on one of the islands, and missed their ferry to the next island. There were no hotels around, so a local family offered to have them stay at their place. The bed was infested with not only bedbugs but also ants. My grandparents were very grateful, but they would have been better off sleeping in their car."


    15. Death becomes it:

    Flickr: elitatt / BuzzFeed


    16. Spiders on a boat:

    "Our family booked a house boat in Seattle. When we arrived everything seemed normal – a few more spiders than usual but nothing too bad. Then we went up to the sundeck and there were HUNDREDS of spiders covering the top of the boat. We ran back downstairs to find a lot of the spiders had crawled in through the door. My dad spent 20 minutes whacking spiders off the doorway. We booked it out of there the next morning."


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