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There Are Actually Only 9 Men In Hollywood

What is going on?

1. There's something weird going on with the men in Hollywood.

2. Like, a lot of them are the same man??

3. Maybe there's a large cloning facility in the Hollywood Hills producing reliably compelling lead actors in gigantic spawning tanks.

4. Do you think there's actually just a shortage of men so they're just using the same ones and hoping we won't notice?

5. Or perhaps Hollywood simply only employs identical twins?

6. Although triplets are acceptable too, clearly.

7. Or are they just trying to make shapeshifters but they're not that advanced yet so they can only shapeshift ever so slightly?

8. Whatever is going on though, they're clearly doing a sloppy job of keeping it secret. They didn't even bother giving these two different names!

9. We're on to you, Secret Hollywood Cloning Programme. We're on to you.

white people: "asians all look the same" white people: