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Summer In Britain Vs. Summer In America

The main difference is a lot of bad weather.

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1. Spending time at the beach in the US:

Spending time at the beach in Britain:

2. Barbecues in the US:

Barbecues in Britain:

3. Sunbathing in the US:

Sunbathing in Britain:

4. Relaxing in the pool in the US:

Relaxing in the "pool" in Britain:

5. Drinking outdoors in the US:

Drinking outdoors in Britain:

Festivals in Britain:

7. Summer sports in the US:

Summer sports in Britain:

8. Sailing in the US:

Sailing in Britain:

9. Camping in the US:

Camping in Britain:

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10. Surfing in the US:

Surfing in Britain:

11. Holiday cabins in the US:

Holiday cabins in Britain:

12. Motels in the US:

Hotels in Britain:

13. Water sports in the US:

Water sports in Britain:

Matt Cardy / Getty

14. Road trips in the US:

Road trips in Britain: