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    31 Insanely Useful Products People Bought When They Had A Baby

    Some of the best things new parents can buy.

    We asked parents in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best products they bought when they had a new baby. Here's what they said...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. "Hands down a baby monitor.",,

    "Hands down the Owlet baby monitor [not available in the UK, try the AngelCare or the Snuza instead]. I had panic attacks when my son was born over whether or not he was breathing.

    "The Owlet will sound an alarm if his heart rate or oxygen levels go out of a safe range. Now I know for sure that he’s doing OK." – saraberry

    2. "My Ju-Ju-Be-Be changing bag."

    "I can use it as a tote or a backpack. It's machine washable. The two external pockets for bottles are insulated. There are so many little pockets in areas inside it for organization. The whole front is designed as a purse compartment.

    "It's really stylish and comes in amazing colors and patterns. I get compliments on my diaper bag wherever I go." – christinkeophilak

    3. "Ewan the dream sheep."

    "He plays white noise and was a lifesaver! If my little boy woke in the night we'd just put him on and he'd be back asleep in minutes. Saved our sanity when we had a rubbish sleeper on our hands. All for less than Β£30." – juliemariedavies

    4. "A 4moms Mumaroo!"

    "Swayed my newborn twins during the day, at night, AT ALL TIMES. They used them until they were six months old!" – dianamaazela

    5. "The Swaddleme swaddle."

    "Best night's sleep for both of us. Get it on Amazon or Target. You will not regret it." – aninosal

    6. "Boppy pillow."


    "My girls are seven months and we still use it for their morning feeding. They used to feed, take naps and just hang out on that pillow. You can get one for twins which is seriously a life saver." – kelsjones26

    7. "The Boba wrap for sure."

    "My little one just wanted to be held 24/7 the first few months so with the wrap I was able to hold her close to me while having two free hands to get things done." – catl40c67fde7

    8. "A woombie swaddle blanket!"

    "My daughter LIVED in those! We even brought them to the hospital, and all of our nurses commented on how great it was." – susiemeine

    9. "Honestly, a baby swing!"

    "Best thing ever for hard nights when baby doesn’t want to sleep." – carolyng4ac8be110

    10. "BabyBrezza Formula Machine."

    "Makes middle of the night feeding so much easier. It makes the formula for you with the right ratio of formula to water, AND warms the water to β€˜body temperature’. It’s basically a keurig for babies! It is the BEST thing I’ve bought probably my entire life." – annel43cfe8020

    11. "Mixie bottles."

    "Middle of the night feedings are tough when powdered formula only stays fresh for one hour, so these bottles were a lifesaver. I just pushed the bottom button and shook and it was ready... and less crying (from both of us)." – vkuzmano

    12. "My Breast Friend pillow."

    "It's a firm pillow that straps around your waist for supported breast feeding. You can stand up when baby falls asleep and the pillow just comes with you, making it easy to transition baby to her napping spot.

    "And with a pocket in the front, you can stash your phone or the remote or whatever essentials you may need in arm's reach while nursing." – sabrinas4d511817b

    13. "Graco travel system."

    "Made it so easy to get out of the house." – heatherf416484889

    14. "Nose frida snot sucker."

    "Seems gross but it is a GOD SEND cleaning out those stuffy noses. Nothing worse than a stuffy baby who can't eat/nurse." – kayw424e650b6

    15. "Room thermometer."

    "Never went a night without it. Always helped reassure me I was dressing him correctly." – chloec43fc6413e

    16. "Hands down a Windi."

    "Instant gas relief for babies. Once you're up a few nights in a row with a fussy baby who is having trouble tooting, you quickly get past the awkwardness of inserting this into their bums. Watch out though – you often get a little more than just gas!" – samanthad4ec79a5f4

    17. "A Munchkin sound soother."

    "It's been an absolute lifesaver. It plays lullabies, and has a projecter the boys loved when they were really little. The sound soother allows us to move around the house freely, covers up loud neighbors, and not even barking dogs disturb them.

    "We usually put it on so they hear it through the monitor in the livingroom about 15 minutes before bed. It'll trigger them to start relaxing for bed, and we dont even have to do anything. #magic." – kilaf

    18. "My Lansinoh breast pump."

    "I struggled with manual pumping, but needed to build up a cache because my son's father doesn't live with us. This breast pump is AMAZING. It's incredibly easy to use. I was able to toss all the cleanable parts in the dishwasher.

    "It also came with the option to pump one or two breasts at a time, and runs either on batteries or by plugging it in. It is small and light – which is great since I also travelled a ton with it. I don't know what I would have done without it." – amandar490df300f

    19. "The glow baby app."

    "It's a free app which tracks feeding, diaper changes, sleeping, temperature, milestones." – elizabetha415d1e882

    20. "A Fisher Price Rock-N-Play!"

    "My daughter ended up having AWFUL acid reflux and actually slept in it for several months because it could be set at just the right angle for her. A life saver!!" – mistycoleym

    21. "Lansinoh nipple cream and Ardo nipple shields were my saviour in the first month.",

    "Using Lansinoh cream along with Ardo nipple shields we managed to get breastfeeding started and now I have nips of steel!" – rachelb49c5d9c6f

    22. "100% Bamboo muslin swaddles."

    "I found that they made the best swaddle. They are large and stretchy. (Compared to similar Muslin cotton/bamboo swaddles)." – alenarazumovh

    23. "A wubbanub!"

    "My little one had it from day one and loved to cuddle with it and is still her favorite pacifier to this day." – embelt

    24. "My best investment was a pair of Nike running trainers."

    "For me, walking with my son in his pram was my biggest form of sanity. I felt like I could cope and he slept like a baby. My best investment was a pair of Nike running trainers, so I could walk long distances and not have a blister." – kayleighr4c05bd944

    25. "A microwave steriliser."

    "The one I had only used water so there was no need for additional fluid." – freudshock

    26. "A Chicco Next To Me cot."

    "I was a breastfeeding mum so I never had to get out of bed for nighttime feedings. A definite saving grace as I cannot function without sleep." – rachaelporter2

    27. "Baby sleeping bags."

    "Get more than one! They can't kick them off like they can with blankets and sheets, so you're not up all night tucking them in." – kates45652cbd3

    28. "A cute nursing top."

    "It made me feel good to be able to nurse in public while also feeling fashionable. Like a little treat for me while doing my favorite mom activity." – mafvdox

    29. "A post-natal multivitamin."

    "It can feel impossible to look after yourself properly once your wee one comes along so a multivitamin can really work wonders on your physical and mental health." – Kelly Rodger via Facebook

    30. "A bottle of wine."

    "For mom of course." – nishmorris

    31. "Some really good advice is you don't need to buy a ton of stuff."

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    "They outgrow it so fast. I know you just want your baby to have the best, especially when it's your first, but it's okay if you don't buy them everything that all your friends have for their kids. Congratulations to everyone expecting." – ashleyc4d1993c2f

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