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9 Surprisingly Gross Things That Happen To Girls Who Swim

Swimming pools are full of snot, other's people's hair, and wee.

1. Getting changed in a freezing cold changing room, hopping from foot to foot on the wet, hair-strewn floor.

2. When you realise you didn't dry your towel and swimsuit properly and now they're all damp and smelly.

3. Trying to overtake a man and accidently sliding your hand down his hairy leg.

4. Spotting a child wearing a verruca sock entering the pool.

5. Swallowing a huge gulp of water while trying to take a breath.

6. Producing huge amounts of snot that you have to snort out into the pool as you swim.

7. When you take your swimming cap off and it pulls out all your baby hairs.

8. Finding someone else's old plaster on the floor in your changing room.

9. When you finally get dressed again and feel amazing, pumped full of endorphins – then look in the mirror and see your swimming cap and goggle marks.