11 Messed-Up Ways Women Were Punished Through History

    Justice for strumpets and scolds.

    1. Women who nagged or gossiped had metal spikes forced into their mouths.

    2. Bickering women would be locked together in the Shrew's Fiddle.

    3. Women accused of sexual misconduct would be humilated in a "cucking stool".

    4. Or the justice system would take it one step further and strap her into a "ducking stool".

    5. Gossipy women might be locked up by the neck and left outside to the mercy of the crowd.

    6. A woman accused of sleeping around might be locked into a Drunkard's Cloak.

    7. A woman who had an affair might have her nose cut off.

    8. Bossy wives were humiliated with a walk of shame.

    9. Prostitutes or brothel-keepers would be branded with a hot iron and banished from the town.

    10. Women accused of theft or witchcraft would be drowned.

    11. Women who committed treason, witchcraft, or heresy were burnt to death.