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24 Foods British People Either Love Or Hate

Ketchup mixed with mayonnaise = yum.

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1. Ketchup on beans

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Honestly, it is a travesty but some British people insist on doing it because they think it is delicious. Beans and ketchup are both tomatoey, but in different ways that don't go together.

3. Ketchup and mayonnaise together

Delicious for some, an abomination to others.


4. Ketchup on EVERYTHING

To some British people not even the Sunday roast is sacred.

5. Prawn cocktail crisps

They are either horrible or delicious, the nation can't decide.

7. Marmite

Clashing Marmite opinons have destroyed British friendships, marriages, and houseshares.

8. Mayonnaise on baked beans

Sweet jesus, why?


9. Baked beans in general

They're a deeply controversial British staple.

11. Crisp sandwiches

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13. Black pudding

It's dried blood. But it's tasty. But it's dried blood?


20. Tinned tomatoes on toast

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You literally just heat up a tin of chopped tomatoes, plonk it on buttered toast and season with salt and pepper. You either think this is a delicious breakfast, or bitter and bland.

24. Things with raisins in

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There are a lot of fucking raisins in British puddings, cereal, and baked goods and for some people this is not OK. For others of course, it's the absolute best.

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