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    24 Foods British People Either Love Or Hate

    Ketchup mixed with mayonnaise = yum.

    1. Ketchup on beans

    Twitter: @lovingyoustill_

    Honestly, it is a travesty but some British people insist on doing it because they think it is delicious. Beans and ketchup are both tomatoey, but in different ways that don't go together.

    2. Ketchup on egg

    Twitter: @QuackyClaire

    Yeah, no, it's not quite right. Some people love it, but it's not right.

    3. Ketchup and mayonnaise together

    4. Ketchup on EVERYTHING

    5. Prawn cocktail crisps

    6. Peperami

    Twitter: @soulurbanpoet

    Like unsheathing a freakishly thin penis but quite tasty once you've got past the whole condom-on-a-sausage aspect.

    7. Marmite

    8. Mayonnaise on baked beans

    9. Baked beans in general

    10. Salad cream

    Twitter: @maryjaneskalski

    This truly heinous sauce is viewed as a delicacy by some Brits.

    11. Crisp sandwiches

    12. Branston Pickle

    Twitter: @iCandy_pw

    It genuinely enhances a cheese sandwich, but at the same time the fact that it's basically vinegary chunks is a bit gross.

    13. Black pudding

    14. Mushy peas

    Twitter: @burnleyqpr

    For some people, they are a scrumptious chip shop essential, for others a confusing green mess.

    15. Liquorice Allsorts

    Twitter: @imrosiephillips

    Most people despise them but every now and then you meet someone that's obsessed with them.

    16. Slathering things in butter

    Twitter: @amypoops

    The way it oozes everywhere, the saltiness, the glossiness – it's incredible, but it's not for everyone.

    17. Chips and curry sauce

    Twitter: @finn_helen

    It doesn't really taste like curry, it's weirdly sweet, the jury's out.

    18. Chips and gravy

    Twitter: @NTSUents

    The more gravy the better! Unless you're one of those people that hates chips and gravy...

    19. Brussells sprouts

    Twitter: @Maggie_Farrell

    Some British people are born with the Brussells sprouts gene, some aren't.

    20. Tinned tomatoes on toast

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    You literally just heat up a tin of chopped tomatoes, plonk it on buttered toast and season with salt and pepper. You either think this is a delicious breakfast, or bitter and bland.

    21. Cottage cheese

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    Basically looks like white sick. But tastes good. The truly daring eat it with celery which is the most controversial salad item.

    22. Scotch eggs

    Twitter: @Delicious_Feed

    Depending on your point of view they're either the perfect picnic snack or the Devil's balls.

    23. Angel Delight

    Twitter: @scarlettparrish

    It was the biggest treat when your mum said you could have it for pudding. So, so nostalgic.

    24. Things with raisins in

    Twitter: @5cott

    There are a lot of fucking raisins in British puddings, cereal, and baked goods and for some people this is not OK. For others of course, it's the absolute best.