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25 Faces That Are Too Real For Socially Awkward People

"They weren't smiling at you, you idiot."

1. The "Singled out for audience participation" face:

2. The "Asked a question in a meeting and gone totally blank" face:

3. The "Stuck in a lift with someone I want to impress, oh fuck why am I such a tool?" face:

4. The "Waved at someone but they didn't see" face:

5. The "Fuck that wasn't funny, why do I ever try to be funny?" face:

6. The "Well, I totally screwed up that conversation" face:

7. The "Talking to someone attractive" face:

8. The "I don't know which sandwich to choose and everyone's waiting for me and now I'm freaking out" face:

9. The "Why the hell didn't I order something easier to eat in public" face:

10. The "Trying to introduce a friend but I've totally blanked their name" face:

11. The "Fuck I got their name wrong" face:

12. The "I look like a total wally in this, I wish I'd worn something different" face:

13. The "Everyone's laughing, please don't let them be laughing at me" face:

14. The "Oh god I've hugged a work colleague but we're clearly not at this level of intimacy yet" face:

15. The "Holy shit, the conversation's dried up, now what do I do?" face:

16. The "I wasn't weirdly staring at you" face:

17. The "Please don't make me talk to them, please don't" face:

18. The "I massively fancy you but I can't think of anything to say" face:

19. The "Please don't all look at me" face:

20. The "How does socialising work again?" face:

21. The "Way longer than normal, no-end-in-sight awkward silence" face:

22. The "Oh god, they don't want to hug me but it's too far gone" face:

23. The "They were smiling at someone else, you idiot" face:

24. The "Yeah, well I know I came over like a total freak" face:

25. The "home safe at last, now it's time to analyse all the embarrassing things I did today" face: