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23 Dogs Disguised As Hot Dogs

I could eat 'em all up.

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1. Mmm, there are few things tastier in this world than a hot dog. This one is being served on a fluffy plate. Fair enough.

Instagram: @socialbutterflikat

2. Hot dogs for tea? My favourite!

Instagram: @jayteezer

3. Wow, this hot dog sure can run. I've never seen a hot dog run like that.

Instagram: @themuttadventures

4. Oop, you seem to have dropped a hot dog on the floor. Three-second rule!

Instagram: @sausagepupchewy

5. Mmm, another delicious hot dog for some reason being served to me on a cushion.

6. That's one tasty-looking hot dog right there.

Instagram: @georgetherat

7. This hot dog seems to be dancing. Strange.

Instagram: @sarahberryy

8. Do you ever feel like your food is looking at you?

Instagram: @adoredanew

9. Just a hot dog on the grass. It'll still taste good.

Instagram: @the_emma_kat

10. Hot dogs are my favourite food. Thank you so much for offering me one.

11. Just dollop on a lil' more ketchup and I'll gobble it up.

Instagram: @bowiethedachshund

12. A bargain price for such a delicious treat!

13. Ooh, yummy! Look at the mustard on that.

Instagram: @betty_bii

14. Hot dogs in bed? Sure, why not for a treat.

Instagram: @bonnieanddudley

15. OK, I'll be honest. This hot dog is a little odd-looking. But it's clearly still a sausage in a bun. Won't say no!

Instagram: @snakes_go_meow

16. Ooh yes, I like my hot dog with plenty of sauce.

Instagram: @artdognyc

17. Super-size hot dog for a really hungry person!

Instagram: @banjothomas

18. You can never get tired of hot dogs. They're delicous for breakfast, lunch, and tea. Even when they're served on the carpet.

Instagram: @balithebichon

19. Innovative idea to keep your hot dog on a lead! Great for a snack on the move.

Instagram: @pug_meets_world

20. It's definitely possible for food to appear somehow ~noble~.

Instagram: @abby_the_explorer

21. Incy-wincy hot dog, just enough for a light snack.

Instagram: @taco_bella1215

22. Just another yummy hot dog, waiting for someone to eat it up.

Instagram: @accordingtoaspen

23. Yes sir, all these hot dogs sure have made me hungry.

Instagram: @ezrathesheepadoodle