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    19 Disasters That Could Only Happen In Britain

    It's a quite a strange place really.

    1. When a hungry thief wreaked havoc in the West Country.

    Karenpritchett / Getty Images /

    2. When tea time went tits up.

    3. When two horny birds held locals hostage.

    4. When a slightly wet person lost it completely.

    5. When the nation was horrified by a shameless heist.

    6. When some shorts went missing.

    7. When a squirrel went rogue.

    Suefeldberg / Getty Images /

    8. When this happened:

    9. When everyone waited for the photofit to be released.

    10. When someone had an ordeal in Keighley.

    11. When war broke out on the streets of Hampstead.

    12. When Tesco committed this betrayal.

    13. When this welshman reached for the stars.

    14. When it all kicked off in Norfolk.

    15. When this guy had the greatest day of his life.

    Vladi79 / Getty Images / / Twitter: @aljwhite

    16. When the endtimes came to Waitrose.

    17. When this lady just couldn't wait.

    18. When mischief happened in North Devon.

    19. And when this guy was on the loose.

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