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    19 Food Fails All British People Have Experienced

    Pray for those served a pie with hardly any filling.

    1. A roast dinner with not enough gravy.

    Twitter: @36images

    It needs to cover everything!

    2. Or, even worse, a roast with NO gravy.

    Leftover roast from yesterday... Fuming no gravy @EmmaFrags

    Twitter: @lisamaky

    It's devastatingly dry, and you can't stop thinking about what could have been.

    3. A wet and sloppy Eton Mess.

    Twitter: @LollyBH

    Sometimes you just over-stir it.

    4. A pie with a disappointing amount of filling.

    Twitter: @mark_hands

    Pure heartbreak.

    5. A pie which only has pastry on the top and therefore IS NOT A PIE.

    In 2015 a petition to outlaw 'pies' that only have a pastry lid and no bottom crust, gained 5,687 signatures.

    Twitter: @MFeasts

    6. Cutting into your "Ripe and Ready" avocado to make delicious avocado on toast, only to discover it's rotten and everything's a lie.

    Twitter: @judyhoracek

    Your breakfast is completely ruined.

    7. Overcooked scrambled eggs.

    Twitter: @AmandaaaYG

    It's so sad when they go all rubbery.

    8. Baked beans that went congealed and got a skin on top.

    9. Cheese on toast with a measly amount of cheese.

    Twitter: @scottwmason

    The cheese must be oozing everywhere.

    10. Undercooked chips.

    Twitter: @RupertHG

    When they're all flabby and tasteless.

    11. Overcooked chips.

    Twitter: @mxrty_

    You were so excited about them, too.

    12. Soggy fish and chips.

    Twitter: @MrBStephenson

    The batter should be crispy.

    13. A fallen Rich Tea.

    Twitter: @Fever_Design

    You feel like you've failed your nation

    14. A badly burnt BBQ sausage.

    Twitter: @RobWalker1967

    They're like charcoal turds.

    15. A sad fry up in a cafe that clearly doesn't understand fry ups.

    Twitter: @BeechardRich

    This is a disgrace.

    16. A bad bacon butty.

    Twitter: @DavidHarperTV

    The bread to bacon ratio must be correct, and the bacon must be perfectly cooked. It's an art form.

    17. An incredibly weak cup of tea.

    Twitter: @webbo_77

    Look at the absolute state of it.

    18. A stale, raisin-less scone.

    19. Getting your heart set on a cheese and pickle sandwich and realising you're all out of pickle.

    Twitter: @philspence91

    The worst day ever.