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24 Cringe Things You Did On A Night Out In The '00s

You danced just like Christina Aguilera.

1. Getting ready was very important: You had to make sure your hair was straight as a rod.

George De Sota / Getty Images

If you were lucky you had GHDs, otherwise you had Babyliss, which never got quite as hot.

2. Inevitably you got a straightener burn.

Twitter: @karmelscrut1

They were the bane of the '00s.

3. If the straightening didn't work out because you were having a bad hair day, you clipped it back with butterfly clips.

4. You listened to Christina Milian to get you in the mood to go out.

"Everybody lookin' like stars, all the chicks and the fellas in the bars..."

5. If you were really swish, you wore Armani She.

6. But Impulse was the next best thing.

So deliciously sweet.

7. You "brought out your eyes" with frosted eyeshadow in silver, pale blue, or turquoise.

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

It seemed subtle at the time.

8. At least one of your group would wear a strappy vest, one would wear a top with one shoulder, and two would have their belly out.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

You all wore sexy jeans.

9. One person would be more orange than the others.

10. And one person would have no discernible lips.

11. You'd get pissed before you left the house on WKD.

12. Or if you wanted a really big night out, you'd share a bottle of Glen's.

Flickr: brapps

It was worth the horrible taste for how many people you'd probably snog that night.

13. Even in winter, you never wore a coat.

Showbizireland / Getty Images

It would spoil your outfit. Anyway, the WKD and Glen's were the equivalent of wearing a blanket.

14. At some point you definitely played a drinking game with shots of sambuca and Smirnoff ices.

15. And as long as everyone had ID, you would do Aftershocks in a Scream pub.

It was where all the students went.

16. No one had a camera phone, so you relied on someone having a Sony Cybershot or a disposable.

17. Which means there aren't that many photos of you on a night out in the '00s.

Twitter: @grantd123

But the ones you do have are pretty special.

18. Your dance moves involved a lot of bum circles while looking sexily over your shoulder.


You were just like Xtina.

19. Though in reality it probably looked a bit more like this.

Columbia Pictures

In your mind you were still Xtina.

20. Bum dancing was a good way to show off your thong.

Oh, hai there, thong.

21. You screamed if "Toxic" came on.


Those first notes sent you into a frenzy.

22. And went ballistic if they played "Survivor".


You knew all the lyrics because it was about you and your girl gang, and boys could fuck off.

23. If it was a good night out, it ended like this.

Twitter: @bradyboy2121

The cheesier the better.

24. But on more than a few occasions it ended like this.

Twitter: @123_Maddie_456

RIP the amount you drank in the '00s.

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