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    7 Awards Show Fuck-Ups That Might Make You Die From Cringing

    This is awkward.

    1. If you've checked the news today, you've probably cringed so hard you felt like your skin might turn inside out.

    Video of the whole #BestPicture disaster, including Warren Beatty trying to tell people what happened.

    There's honestly no need for anyone to ever be embarrassed again, because whatever you do it'll be NOWHERE NEAR as bad as the La La Land acceptance speeches for Moonlight's Oscar. 😩

    But the La La Land team, god rest their souls, weren't the first people to be mistakenly crowned the winners.

    E! Online

    Let's take a look back, through parted fingers, at some other people who were told they won and then, er...sorry....they didn't win.

    2. That poor girl on Australia's Next Top Model. / Granada Productions

    The look of horror on the host's face.

    Watch as modelling hopeful Kelsey runs the gamut of emotion from "Yay I won!" to "Oh my fucking life I lost and there's nowhere to hide."

    View this video on YouTube / Granada Productions

    We can't take responsibility for your death in the event that you cringe too hard from watching this.

    Basically, host Sarah Murdoch didn't hear the winner in her earpiece SO SHE DECIDED TO GUESS which girl won.

    Granada Productions

    Never guess the winner – little pro tip for anyone handing out an award.

    "You know what, it's fine! It's fine!" cried Kelsey, convincing no one that it was fine.

    Excuse me while I go off to be sick.

    3. Michael Jackson accepting an award that didn't exist in 2002.


    You wouldn't have believed them because that's not an actual award you can win.

    Britney Spears was meant to be presenting Michael Jackson with a birthday cake and gift, but he misheard her and thought he'd won the award for "Artist of the Millenium."

    View this video on YouTube

    It wasn't really his fault – the gift did look a lot like an award.

    He went on to give some low-key thanks to a few people:


    Don't thank God, God's a massive prankster.

    He also thanked Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, James Brown, his mother, and magician David Blaine, and it wasn't awkward at all.


    4. The 2015 Miss Universe debacle.

    Somehow, host Steve Harvey misread the card and crowned runner-up Miss Colombia the winner.

    Henceforth, announcing the wrong winner at an awards show would be known as "pulling a Steve Harvey".

    The actual winner was Miss Philippines.

    Let's watch the crown being taken off Miss Colombia's head some more times. / TV Azteca

    Kill us. Kill every single one of us.

    5. The time when Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton announced two different acts had won the competition to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest.


    Scooch did some gracious loser clapping.


    Until the inevitable moment of realisation.


    If she didn't whisper that, she was definitely thinking it.

    And finally there was this not-in-any-way-comforting message to Cyndi:


    😩 😩 😩 😩 😩

    6. The time violinist Lee Ji Yoon did a giddy bow because she thought she'd won a prestigious music award in Brussels.

    Dushanbe TV /

    She's so happy. Look at her.

    Look at her.

    Dushanbe TV

    Except the actual winner was Lim Ji Young.

    Dushanbe TV

    *TFW when you run off the stage in shock after accepting an award you didn't win*

    Dushanbe TV

    7. This drunk bloke DJ Brandon Block trying to accept the Best Soundtrack award at the Brit Awards in 2000.

    Brit Awards

    The actual winner was the film Notting Hill.

    Security tried to drag Brandon off stage.

    Brit Awards

    And then Ronnie Wood threw water on him and called him a cunt.

    Brit Awards

    So that went well.

    But honestly, all those guys can rest easy because this year's Oscars has outdone them and every other awards show gaffe until the end of time.


    RIP, everyone involved.

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