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    18 Cakes Who Tried, They Really Tried

    They just want to make you happy.

    1. This Mickey cake that just wants to give someone the best birthday of their life.

    2. This precious lamb cake that's pleading "Please love me."

    3. This rendition of SpongeBob after he fell from a great height.

    4. This clown who just wants to wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns. / BuzzFeed

    5. This mysterious dolphin-horse with an eye that follows you round the room. / BuzzFeed

    6. This Slightly Sarcastic Bird that tried its best. / BuzzFeed

    7. This thing with such very real lips poking through.

    8. This Elsa cake who doesn't understand why you're looking at her funny.

    9. This cake who hopes she's as beautiful as the real girl.

    10. This Dora the Explorer cake who just wants you to like her.

    11. This thing that trying its very best to be as pretty as Ariel.

    12. This duck cake that hopes and prays you're laughing because you're just really happy about what an amazing cake it is.

    13. This sweet pupper that only wants to make you happy on this special day, your birthday.

    14. This phallic rainbow man, waiting expectantly for someone to say, "Wow, what an incredible cake."

    15. This turtle that's so scared because you look disappointed when you're supposed to be smiling and happy.

    16. This cake that doesn't understand why everyone's giggling.

    17. This cake that looks exactly, exactly like the Hulk.

    18. And this hedgehog, giving you its most winning smile so you might love it like it loves you.