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    50 Things That Look Exactly Like Your '90s British Childhood

    Whatever happened to Edd the Duck?

    1. Getting all your calories from one of these.

    Or just bypassing the dispenser entirely and stuffing them all in your mouth hole.

    2. Spending Saturday nights watching Gladiators.

    ITV / FTN / Challenge

    And being impressed/sexually awakened by Jet.

    3. Spending your pocket money on Taz bars – the original Freddos.

    Facebook: When

    Taz was everywhere in the '90s for some reason.

    4. Having a massive Pog collection that you were incredibly proud of.

    Twitter: @_90skidsonly

    What the fuck were they for?

    5. Andi Peters in the Broom Cupboard!


    The colours are too perfect.

    6. Not to mention Edd the Duck!


    Bless that little guy. Where is he now?

    7. And this Edd the Duck puppet that literally everyone owned.

    It would get so grubby.

    8. Watching Maid Marian on CBBC – it was honestly one of the best TV shows of all time.


    You had a weird crush on that soppy guy with long hair that you would never admit to.

    Here, enjoy some intense flashbacks...

    View this video on YouTube

    9. Wearing these skates from the age of 5–15.


    When you got older, you forced your feet into them.

    10. Having neon pink sweat patches on your Global Hypercolour top – but still being the envy of all your friends., Twitter: @jamiebeags

    Global Hypercolour clothes changed colour from heat and were the coolest thing ever in the '90s.

    11. Endlessly slapping these bracelets on to your wrist.

    The feeling of it curling round your arm was so good. Except when the metal broke through the fabric and cut you.

    12. Pop-Tarts becoming available in the UK for the first time.

    They were the only thing you wanted for breakfast.

    13. Glugging Sunny Delight and waiting for your skin to turn yellow.

    Twitter: @Lochlann_G,

    It was a very thick drink, which you definitely had to glug.

    14. Staying up to watch The Crystal Maze.

    Chatsworth Television

    "Get the crystal! Get the crystal!"

    15. Singing along to Salt 'n' Pepa, and feeling naughty.

    Twitter: @RecordJunkee,!.jpg

    "Let's talk about sex, baby / let's talk about you and me / let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be / let's talk abaaaaaout sex."

    16. Dyeing your hair red so you looked like Angela in My So-Called Life.

    ABC Productions

    17. Wearing a floppy hat.

    Disney, Nickelodeon

    You bought one from Tammy Girl and loved it so much.

    18. Sending notes to your friends at school instead of texts.

    19. Getting pick 'n' mix from Woolworths.

    It was the best thing about every British high street.

    20. Chris Evans keeping you entertained on Friday night with TFI Friday.

    Channel 4 / Rex

    You found it very exciting that the F stood for fuck.

    21. Knowing all the lyrics to "Never Ever" by All Saints.


    You probably still know them tbh.

    22. Getting really good at Snake on your Nokia.

    Twitter: @vivilos80

    It was extremely stressful when the snake got faster, to the point that you'd be having palpitations on the bus.

    23. This image.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s

    And the sound that went with it.

    24. Eating Hubba Bubba bubblegum.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s

    The flavour only lasted for a few seconds, but damn it was tasty.

    25. Singing along to "Barbie Girl" by Aqua.

    Universal Music Denmark

    "Life in plastic, it's fantastic!"

    26. Being scared of the Millenium Bug.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s

    The world was going to end at midnight on 31 December 1999.

    27. Wanting Buffalo boots just like the Spice Girls.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    You had no idea how you'd walk in them, and you couldn't afford a pair anyway, but you still lusted after them.

    28. All men wearing Oasis hats.

    Showbizireland / Getty Images

    They encouraged men to make a lot of "Oi oi!" noises, which were fairly unwelcome.

    29. Saving up for a teen magazine so you could learn about sex and periods.,, Mizz

    If you were a boy, you'd read your sister's just for the problem page.

    30. Watching Knightmare on CITV.


    A kid wandered through a CGI maze with a massive helmet over his head, and somehow that made sense?

    31. The sound of connecting to the internet via a dial-up modem on your family's desktop computer.

    Twitter: @thecomputerclan

    All those whirrs and bleeps, and no guarantee it would actually connect. But if you did get online, you headed straight into a chat room to talk to strangers and probable sex predators.

    32. Being petrified of Mr Blobby.


    You were scared that one day you'd be surprised on an episode of Noel's House Party, and Mr Blobby would grab you, shouting "Blobby wobby wobby."

    33. Playing Minesweeper or Solitaire on your computer when you were bored.

    Twitter: @Il0vethe90s, Flickr: bobb

    This was basically the only entertainment we had in the '90s.

    34. Chilling out on a piece of disappointing inflatable furniture like this.

    Expectations of inflatable furniture = a rigid bouncy castle for your bum. Reality = a sad, wrinkled, floppy breath sack.

    35. Spending hours carefully colouring in your Velvet Art.

    And then giving the finished products to your parents as a present. They never framed them, because they didn't live in a 1970s caravan.

    36. Leafing through the Argos catalogue looking for things to put on your Christmas list.

    Retromash / Via

    Because everyone definitely needed a Ryan Giggs SunBall (???)

    37. Collecting Take That merchandise, even if it was crap.

    Retromash / Via

    Bet you didn't know Tony Blair used to be in Take That.

    38. Getting matching Argos gold necklaces with your BFF.


    39. Being emotionally scarred for life by The Animals of Farthing Wood.


    It made Watership Down look tame in comparison. Please let's not talk about the hedgehogs either. Thx.

    40. Dancing around to this theme tune.



    41. And singing along to the theme tune to Bodger and Badger.


    All together now: "Everybody knows, Badger loves MASHED POTATOES."

    42. Twisting your ankle falling off one of these.

    They were such a death trap. A fun death trap.

    43. Feeling really cool and grown up whenever you watched Byker Grove.


    "OMG it's so cool and edgy." Also, remember when PJ went blind? LOL.

    44. Spending all your pocket money on Boglins.

    They were cute somehow despite being hideously ugly.

    45. Wanting to go on Fun House with Pat Sharp.


    It was a whole lot of fun. There were prizes to be won.

    46. The incomparable feeling of elation when you completed Super Mario on your Game Boy (which took approximately six solid hours of playing).

    And the heartbreaking feeling of desolation when you got defeated on the last level – there was no option to save, so you just had to start again.

    47. Tazos, the very best crisp promotion ever.

    Twitter: @TheSourceress

    What were they for? Were they the same as Pogs?

    48. Thinking that GamesMaster was the most high-tech programme of all time.

    ITV / Giphy

    Although it kind of was, to be fair. Also, look, there's Jet again!

    49. This Tango advert.

    TV Ark / BuzzFeed

    Rejected strap line: "Tango: It tastes like a bald man assaulting you in front of a greengrocer's."

    50. The legendary Blue Peter DIY Thunderbird Island that 7-year-old British children were expected to make out of cereal boxes and PVA glue.


    Hahahahahha, look at it.

    This is actually a damn good effort: